Write for Us

Write for Us

Follow the simple steps while writing an article/blog for Mobilemag.com:

Step 1– Choose a topic that caters to the tech industry (or the sub categories on the main site). Pick a current topic and try to keep it intact with all the related facts. The article has to be ‘Unique’. For instance, you can write about Smartphone reviews, Apple news, trending Kickstarter campaign, 4D printing, product launch, and so on.

Step2– Follow the word limit! We prefer 750-1000 words article but at a minimum 500 words. Nothing less than that!

Step 3– Add depth to the articles with the help of hyper links.
A) Choose one Wikipedia/Wikihow link.
B) Three relevant interlinks from the Mobilemag site.
C) A high authority external link from a popular site.

Step 4- Must keep the article intact with sharable media like 1 video and 2 images.

Step 5- Add your personal insight! Try not to be judgmental but do have a fair opinion.

Step 6- The article should not be plagiarized. Check for the same!

Steps 7- In case you are using quotes and images from any other sources, do cite the reference.

Step 8- Try using any one of the following keyword in the article.

Email us with guest post ideas to [email protected] with the subject line “Guest post” and we’ll email you back.

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