Now an App to Help You Get Over With Anxiety and Depression

Now an App to Help You Get Over With Anxiety and Depression

CC BY-NC-ND by michmutters

Anxiety and depression isn’t something to be taken lightly. They are, in fact, amongst the worst forms of mental illnesses and thus should be handled carefully. What’s important is that it is totally curable and now, even an app can help in doing that.

Jeff Perron, a psych student of Ottawa, just completed his MBA and got a respectable job in human resources. However, Jeff felt as if he wasn’t doing enough for the people who go through all this and this drove him to build his app – TruReach Health. This app basically bridges the gap that’s prevalent nowadays when one needs services for depression and anxiety. It is an educative app that fosters cognitive behavioural therapy to those who are in need of it. This app will be released on September 9 for Android and Apple devices and will help patients to take psychotherapy lessons on-the-go.

The app derives its model from popular apps namely; Duolingo and Headspace. TrueReach Health has various lessons to offer its users. People start with their first lesson and then complete it only to unlock their next lesson and the cycle goes on. One can also receive periodic tips/reminders from the app and can jot down how they felt after their session by using the ‘thought journal.’

The first 12 lessons are free while the last six cost $7.99. Revenue earned from this app will be used in making new programs that can help people get over these mental health problems. Though Jeff says that it should not be considered as a replacement for therapy and medication, but it’s a new option that can definitely work for those who don’t have anything else to look up to.