New Rumours Suggest Surface Pro 4 might have Intel’s Skylake Processor

New Rumours Suggest Surface Pro 4 might have Intel’s Skylake Processor


With Surface Pro 3, Microsoft unveiled a brand new series of hardware that was a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. In terms of computability, the Surface Pro 3 received a lot of acclamation and Microsoft managed to sell many of them. In October this year, the company will be launching the Surface Pro 4 and it will become available to the public shortly after in November. What’s interesting is that the Surface Pro 4 is rumoured to have Intel’s latest processor Skylake.

According to the experts, if these rumours are to be believed then the Surface Pro 4 will stand advantageous on many fronts. For instance, Skylake will enable Surface Pro 4 to handle 4K video output with ease at a rate of 60 frames per second. Apart from that, being the latest in this brand new series of processors, the Surface Pro 4 will definitely appeal to a lot of users. It is also being speculated that the new Surface Pro 4 will come in two variants where the two will differ in storage capacity and RAM. It is also reported that it will have a display of 2,160 x 1,440 pixel resolution and will run on Windows 10.

While the overall design concept might be similar to last year’s Surface Pro 3, however, this time Microsoft might make it a bit lighter and thinner especially when it’s being said that the company is opting for a 14-inch display. It will work around the same docking station as the Surface Pro 3 and the accessories used in Pro 3 will be compatible with the Pro 4 too.

Rumours strongly suggest that the Surface Pro 4 will be launched along with a ‘Surface Pro Mini tablet’ as well which will compete with Apple’s iPad Mini 2 and Google’s Nexus tablets.