Microsoft Releases Beta Version of Cortana for Android

Microsoft Releases Beta Version of Cortana for Android

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When Microsoft earlier announced that they would launch Cortana, their extremely capable personal assistant, for iOS and Android devices, many people wondered the reason behind this move since both operating systems have equally good personal assistants. However, irrespective of that Microsoft released Cortana for iPhone and Apple fanboys finally got a taste of something different from Siri. Though Cortana’s verion for Android got leaked earlier, but now Microsoft claims to have released its official beta version.

What’s important is that Cortana is currently only compatible with Android phones and not Android tablets. Microsoft also made it pretty clear that some essential features of Cortana are absent too in this beta version like waking Cortana up by simply saying “Hey Cortana,” toggling settings and opening up apps etc. However like Google Now, Cortana can very well display info that you might be interested in like news, weather, stock prices, package delivery etc. But, it does not seem to access flight itinerary info from Gmail inbox like Google Now does.
While Cortana undoubtedly has a lot of content overlap with Google Now, however, this popular personal assistant still lacks some of the basic features which Android users have go so ridiculously used to. One should also remember that this is just the beta version and Microsoft may introduce these features once they are done with this beta test phase and move Cortana into production.

If you plan on trying your hands on Cortana for Android, you can head over to Google Play and sign-up for its beta test.