Leaked Images of HTC’s iPhone Looking Smartphone Go Viral

Leaked Images of HTC’s iPhone Looking Smartphone Go Viral

CC BY-NC-ND by pchow98

You may have come across duplicate phones that resemble closely to original phones, but what HTC has just done is something of a whole new level. Latest leaked images suggest that the company has created a smartphone that bears a striking resemblance to iPhone 6. In fact so the phones look so close to each other that one simply cannot tell at the first glance whether its they are two different phones or two iPhones.

Speculations also suggest that this mysterious phone could be called HTC Aero. It has identical rounded edges like the iPhone 6 and has white plastic bars for antenna which closely resemble Apple’s flagship. Spec wise, the phone could be hiding an A9 MediaTek deca-core Helio X20 chipset, 4GB RAM and a 3,500 mAh battery. The phone display is 5.2-inches in length and is QHD in terms of quality.

If Rumours are to be believed then this Aero handset could be marketed as HTC A9. The phone will be available in two colours; gold and dark grey. Earlier this month we reported that HTC is keen in cutting jobs and their handset models so as to take on Apple’s and Samsung’s high-end phones. This leaked smartphone looks pretty much a part of this strategy especially when the Chinese manufacturer is heading towards their October launch window.

HTC has been losing their market share from quite some time and it looks like the situation isn’t going to be change for some months ahead as well. The company, though, is selling high-end models in emerging smartphone economies like India, however, their overall world trade has declined significantly. Let’s hope the company’s this bet, the iPhone looking device, brings them some respite.