Amazon Launches Their ‘Underground’ App Store

Amazon Launches Their ‘Underground’ App Store


Google gave a big blow to last year in December when they banned Amazon’s Android app because the app had its own separate app store inside it which is obviously a big no from Google. Now, eight months later, Amazon is back with a bang with a similar app and this time they don’t even need Google’s permission. Their new app and app store called ‘Amazon Underground’ resembles their previous Amazon app. One can order shoes, books and even download music like one could do on the app that was released before. So as to sweeten their deal, Amazon has also promised to make certain paid apps free.

What’s interesting is that this app isn’t available on Google Play Store. You’ll have to ‘sideload’ it by downloading it from Amazon and by okaying the installation of apps that come from ‘unknown sources’ and then installing it yourself. That does sound a bit suspicious. Downloading and installing sideload stuff is a generally a bad idea because these apps have no malware check and aren’t even subject to reviews. However, Amazon is a big company and they do their own malware checks so there’s no worry installing that especially when the app was earlier used by millions.

So as to make sure that you don’t open any security holes on your device, reset your security settings once you have installed Amazon’s Underground app. This will prevent you from downloading any malicious app accidentally. However, in case you want to download more from Amazon, then you’ll need to switch your settings.