NASA Confirms that No Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth in September

NASA Confirms that No Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth in September

CC BY by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

A few days ago, blogs and some off-beat news sites started claiming that an asteroid is heading towards the Earth which is bound to strike at Puerto Rico around mid-September and that it will cause heavy destruction for the entire world. With the spread of this news, the world started their own war of words at online communities and forums. While some believed the news, others thought that it’s baseless.

However, NASA has made it pretty clear through a post that no such asteroid is hurtling towards the Earth and this news is nothing but a rumour. According to NASA, the world can take a sigh of relief as there is nothing to worry about. People were worried because recently an asteroid flew by at some distance from the Earth. NASA, however, explained that such things happen commonly and that asteroid was at a safe distance from the Earth.

At NASA’s  Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Near-Earth Object office implied that there was no evidence of a celestial object approaching the Earth in the coming days. In fact they further explained that they keep a track on hazardous asteroids around the Earth and know that in certain that these asteroids have a probability of less than 0.01 percent of entering into Earth in the coming 100 years. So, in case there was an asteroid coming towards Earth, NASA explained, they would have known about it much earlier.