How Facebook Prepares Your News Feed

How Facebook Prepares Your News Feed


Facebook shows you a lot of stuff on your news feed. Have you ever wondered how Facebook decides what you might be interested to see on your news feed? If yes, then we just have the right answer for you.

Although it’s obvious that all of this works according to certain pre-developed algorithms, but a lot of info is fed into these algorithms and that’s exactly what insiders have revealed about these algorithms. Facebook’s news feed mechanism works by making use of various factors like where you live, the kind of pages you are following, and the kind of topics on which you and other people in your circle tend to click.

For instance, if a singer is being mentioned quite often on Facebook, then doesn’t imply that it’s the only trending topic. The total volume of people mentioning that singer always ends up being high which in some cases isn’t usually a good indicator of whether the singer is a trending topic or not. Facebook, instead looks for hikes which would be relative to that particular singer. So for something or someone to be trendy on Facebook, it has to be associated to a particular event.

Once this trendy topic is identified and approved by a Facebook employee, he/she then prepares a short description regarding the story which is then picked by the algorithm so that it gets displayed in the news feed.

So, next time when you are idly scrolling down through your news feed, try to acknowledge the effort Facebook does in compiling all those posts that you see in front of you.