America’s Great Giant Robot MK. II Turns to Kickstarter for Funds

America’s Great Giant Robot MK. II Turns to Kickstarter for Funds

CC BY by Cinetics

Remember the movie Real Steal where we saw a futuristic world where huge mechanised robots fought with each other in an arena. Well, it looks like that time isn’t far away. The US has already built its giant robot named MegaBots MK. II to take on Kuratas, its Japanese rival in an upcoming piloted robot duel and is looking forward for funding regarding a major upgrade on Kickstarter.

A few months earlier, MegaBots, an American bot-maker challenged Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries to fight their giant robot Kuratas. It will simply be a metal-to-metal fight along with cannonball sized paint balls for adding some fun and colour. Suidobashi accepted this challenge as a result of which MegaBots has turned to Kickstarter in order to raise half a million dollars for rigging this American beast with armor, weapons hydraulics and a power unit etc. Athough 29 days are still left for the campaign to get over, however, Megabots has already received half of its funding.

MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti said that the upgraded Mk. II (pronounced as Mark Two) will actually define America’s strength in terms of robot fighting. After the upgrade, Mk. II will be much more powerful and fast and will be effectively armoured for a hand-to-hand combat. MegaBots also said that if they get funded more than their expectation then they’ll do a Hollywood grade paint job.