Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Best Galaxy Note Till...

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Best Galaxy Note Till Date

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For many years Samsung has been a dominant player in the smartphone market. Even though the Korean electronics conglomerate manufactured phones out of plastic which felt cheap to use, even then Samsung’s smartphone sales sky-rocketed making it the most profitable phone manufacturer. However, that dominant era was short-lived when new players emerged in the market. Companies were now willing to give a better looking and functioning phone at a much competitive price and that’s exactly what took Samsung’s glory away.

Despite a grand launch of their latest flagships in March this, Samsung was unable to reverse the scenario. Sales have declined surprisingly over the years and nowhere in the world is their new flagship considered ‘at par’ with that of Apple with which the company has always had a rough relationship.

Samsung recently launched Galaxy Note 5, the successor of their phablet series to take on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Galaxy Note has always been a great buy amongst the large-sized high-end smartphone category. Will the new Galaxy Note 5 prove to be a worthy successor to these dearly loved gigantophone and give some competition to iPhone 6 Plus or will it simply fail to bring Samsung’s ship out from troubled waters? Let’s check out in the review below…

A Beautifully Crafted Premium Device
Setting your eyes for the first time on the Galaxy Note 5 will compel you to hold one in your hand. Every single thing about this device is classy and premium. The phone’s glass panels at the front and back that are joined by sleek aluminum frame makes the phone look sharp yet stunningly beautiful. There are various metallic phones in the market, but this one looks like no one else. It has a polished frame along with chamfered edges which simply take the entire look and feel of this phone to an all new level.

Something that was expected was that the new Galaxy Note 5 will resemble in some way to their latest flagship, the Galaxy S6. However, there are some striking differences too like; the glass panel on Note 5 is absent on S6 and while the former is curved, the S6 is flat. A curved design therefore makes this phone extremely manageable to hold and use despite of its large size.

Above the phone’s Super AMOLED display is the ear speaker, a front facing 5MP camera that takes some pretty amazing selfies, the usual sensors and the Samsung logo. Below the screen sits the Samsung’s traditional oblong home button that has an embedded fingerprint scanner which is though not as fast as Apple’s Touch ID but is quick, reliable and gets the job done. The power button sits on the right, volume buttons on the left, a SIM tray and secondary noise-cancelling mic on the above edge and a loud-speaker, USB port, main mic, audio jack and phone’s S Pen stylus on the bottom edge.

A Remarkable Display
The Note 5 houses a big 5.7-inch display that has a quad HD 2560×1440 resolution. We all know Note 4’s display was a charming one and was certainly one of the best ever produced by Samsung. The one on Note 5, interestingly, didn’t replace that and we are perfectly okay with that since it’s more than one can expect in terms of resolution and clarity.

However, while the Note 5’s display is nothing less than stunning, it however spreads over a much larger area than the S6 and this makes the difference in the screens of both the phones noticeable. But that difference isn’t day and night especially when the Note 5’s screen looks equally remarkable and sharp.

Impressive Rear and Front Cameras
The Note 5 has the same 16MP shooter which its sibling, Galaxy S6 has. However, a few tweaks here and there have made that same camera a lot more impressive in terms of photo quality. It’s definitely above the one found on iPhone 6 Plus and can be truly be regarded as the best smartphone camera in the world at this moment. One can expect great image quality irrespective of the lighting conditions impressive.

This camera also comes with various different modes and settings along with some new features like the ‘Live broadcast’ feature. Nowadays, live-streaming is taking the social media by a storm and that’s exactly the reason why Facebook created their dedicated Live Streaming feature last month. This live streaming feature on the Note 5 is made with Google’s partnership and can help you stream high-quality live videos directly on your YouTube channel.

Though most phones these days are offering a 5-megapixel front camera but none of them match the quality of the Note 5. It makes use of the same custom Samsung settings that were earlier found on Samsung’s high end devices along with some new added features to help you take better selfies and to help you make exceptionally clear video calls.

Lightening Fast Performance
The phone has Samsung’s very own Exynos octa-core 7420 processor that tends to couple a quad-core 1.5 GHz CPE along with another quad-core 2.1 GHz CPU. Apart from that, the Note 5 houses 4GB LPDDR4 RAM which simply takes performance to an entirely new level. The phone also offers world’s fastest flash memory of 32GB or 64GB, but does have micro-SD support.

The Note 5 makes use of a 3,000 mAh battery which can last for a considerably long time. Samsung has also included fast-charging support for this big batter which makes the Note 5 fully charged in the same amount of time as taken by the 2,550 mAh battery found on Galaxy S6.

An Upgraded S Pen Stylus
The experience of using the S Pen has certainly improved with every new Note and the same implies on this year’s model too. Apart from the change in look and feel, the S Pen for the Note 5, also features a clickable top which doesn’t retract the pen’s nib but simply acts as an eject button whenever you need to remove the stylus from the phone’s housing.

Samsung has also worked exceptionally hard for creating appealing software features that interestingly involve the need of the S Pen. ‘Air Command’ has always been S Pen’s most popular feature and it’s all the more improved on this year’s Note.

Summin’ it Up
After judging from every perspective, we can certainly say that Samsung has got everything right with the new Galaxy Note 5. Be it the premium design, the stunning display and performance, a highly respectable 16MP shooter or the unique S Pen features. We wondered before this review whether it will be at par with the iPhone 6 Plus or not, but now we thing that the new Note 5 is way above the 6 Plus.

Apple made the iPhone 6 Plus because they realised that they have to make a large screen phone. There is nothing special about the large screen of the 6 Plus as there are no additional special features to complement it. Note 5, on the contrary, makes that big screen to its proper use and that’s the best part about this phone.

We have to give it to Samsung for bringing such an incredible successor for their legendary Note series. It will, however, be interesting to see whether this superb phone is able to help Samsung gain lost ground or not.
Does the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 excite you as much as it does us? Do let us know in the comments section below.