More Trouble for Flash as Amazon Stops Accepting Flash Ads

More Trouble for Flash as Amazon Stops Accepting Flash Ads


Adobe’s Flash plugin is one of those few things which have been with humans since the very beginning of internet. It has played a huge role in the way web has transformed over the years, however, in the last few years, Flash started to lose its charm when companies decided to move to more efficient technologies. Now, it seems quite obvious that Flash is heading towards a dark future since Amazon has announced to no longer accept Flash advertisements on their ad network from September 1.

It’s not that Amazon has taken this step overnight. The tech giant pointed out earlier too that the latest updates of Chrome, Safari and Firefox make Flash ads simply unreliable. While Mozilla decided to disable its Flash plugin by default last month over security concerns, Safari, on the other hand, forced its users for updating their Flash plugin or disable it completely. Flash is encountering this backlash because of its nature of slowing down browsers because of its poor performance.

Developers can make use of HTML5 instead of flash based ads for introducing interactive elements in their ads. Although the end result might not be as extensive as it used to be in case of Flash, but maybe that change is good. Maybe it’s time for them to come up innovative ideas of grabbing the attention of the people.
Flash’s decline started when Apple simply refused to support its on iPhone and other Apple products and now with Amazon doing the same too, it looks like Flash’s reign is nearing its end.