Meet Salaam Swipe. A Tinder-styled app for Muslims

Meet Salaam Swipe. A Tinder-styled app for Muslims


Tinder has proved to be revolutionary app. Not only has it helped people to find an ideal match for themselves, but it has also inspired many similar apps as well. However, people of a particular ethnic or religious group often find it difficult to meet someone new on this app, especially if they aren’t living in their native country.

This is exactly the reason why Khalil Jessa, a native of Surrey has created a tinder-styled app for Muslims called ‘Salaam Swipe.’ The app has just launched on Apple’s app store and according to Khalil, he’s got a great feedback from the local Muslims who are eager to try it. Khalil said that people supported his idea tremendously because everybody knows that finding the right person within your community on these apps can be a bit tough.

Like Tinder, Salaam Swipe also allows people to either swipe left or swipe right for rejecting and liking someone’s profile respectively. While Tinder has increasingly become a ‘hook-up app’, Salaam Swipe on the other hand focuses on protecting privacy of Muslim while helping them connect with other Muslims that happen to have similar likes and interests. According to Khalil, his app will just make it easier for Muslim people to find their partners.

Special filters and features have been incorporated to make sure that your denomination and religiosity is taken care of. The app also boasts of an incognito mode  which simply hides you from your friends and family members.
What’s interesting is that this is not the first dating app that’s been created for Muslim community. There are many others including Crescent, Minder etc. and with Salaam Swipe now in the field, the competition amongst them is just going to get fierce.