Alcatel-Lucent All Set to Transform Telefonica’s IP Network

Alcatel-Lucent All Set to Transform Telefonica’s IP Network


We earlier heard about Alcatel-Lucent’s majestic plans of bringing a good amount of change in data services for their customers and it looks like the telecommunication company is finally on the move. Latest reports suggest that the company might be heading towards transforming the Telefonica’s mobile and fixed networks so as to cater to the ever growing consumption while ensuring optimality in efficiency and operational cost.
Telefonica’s networks have recently witnessed a huge rise in data traffic, thanks to video content. Apart from that, with the company is willing to expand their Movistar TV service while at the same time integrating Canal+ services and launching personal video, Telefonica’s customer base is expected to swell up to four million by this year’s end.

However, customers aren’t the only ones that are increasing in numbers. Demand is growing too. This is exactly the reason why they announced earlier this year that they will be increasing the speed of their fibre fixed-line services by three folds. This will eventually help Telefonica to not just increase network capacity but reduce complexity and manage traffic as well with a greater degree of efficiency.

Alcatel-Lucent is also planning to employ their leading services expertise for new upcoming projects that include commissioning and installation, integration of systems and migration from current services to entirely new network architecture. Experts believe that with these big changes, Alcatel-Lucent’s stock prices can also rise especially when they are running pretty strong at the moment.