Microsoft Testing NewsCast App That Reads News Out to Users

Microsoft Testing NewsCast App That Reads News Out to Users


There have been many instances when people have wondered about a technology where one can actually hear the news from mobile devices without actually reading them. Well, it looks like something of that sort is about to arrive by none other than Microsoft.

Latest reports suggest that Microsoft is currently testing an application which will according to an algorithm to sort out the best news articles for your from the web based on your preferences and then will make use of text-to-speech’ technology for reading out those article summaries to its users. Users will also have an option to save articles of their interest for reading them later. According to, this app that’s supposedly named NewsCast will also have an in-built browser for reading these news items without any distractions.

Basically, the app is designed in such a way so that commuters can get hands on the latest news items and kep themselves abreast with what’s happening without actually worrying about looking at their smartphone while they are driving. The publicly accessible webpage of this app suggest that the concept is still in its initial stages and is currently only available for testing purposes inside Microsoft.

However, the development team of this app suggests that upon release, the initial feedback that they receive from its users will play a major role in the addition of new features in this app and for that the app will even have a feedback button which will simply open an email including a three-question survey so as to know what users liked and dislikes about the app. The app will first become available for Apple users and will then follow to other platforms.