Google’s Project Sunroof Will Now Advise You About Solar Energy for Your...

Google’s Project Sunroof Will Now Advise You About Solar Energy for Your Home


We’ve all been telling this to us from a long time that the Sun is a great source of renewable energy. Undoubtedly it is, but the harsh reality is that harnessing this energy is a bit costly affair at the moment. Apart from the cost, it’s still unclear whether one can fully rely on it or not. But it looks like Google is taking some serious interest in solar energy. Recently, the company launched Project Sunroof which lets you analyse whether your house will benefit by installing solar panels or not.

This project basically helps you calculate the amount of solar power which your roof will be able to generate. The project works along with Google Maps and with the data that it has regarding the surroundings of your home. This will ultimately help the project to give you accurate results as it will take into account your local weather, the orientation of your roof and the amount of shade that falls on it from buildings and trees that are nearby.

As for now the project will only work for those who are living in San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno. In order to get started, one simply needs to enter his/her address along with the necessary data like your monthly electricity bill etc. Once you are done, the tool will then tell you based on its algorithmic calculations whether it should recommend you solar panel installation or not. If the tool lets you go ahead with solar energy, then it will also advise you about the local solar providers who Google says are sponsored.

As for now the project seems quite promising. All we have to do is sit back and see how people respond to it.