Google’s Next Android Update Will be Called Marshmallow

Google’s Next Android Update Will be Called Marshmallow


Google has been teasing the launch of Android M for quite some time. We all know that Google names its Android version based on eatables and thus the world went crazy guessing what could M stand for. However, the company has now made it clear that Android’s upcoming update will be called Marshmallow.
The software, which was announced for the first time this year in May during Google’s annual developer conference, was earlier being referred to as Android M. But, now finally we know what the tech giant is planning to call it. The company has been typically naming its software updates in an alphabetical order and most of them have been named after sweets. For instance, the current Android version is named Lollipop and the one before it was named KitKat. Google will reportedly launch Marshmallow by this year’s fall along with a brand new Nexus.

The Marshmallow update will definitely bring some new key features. Android Pay, for instance, will be revamped and will allow people to pay not just for apps but for items they buy at retail store which is somewhat similar to what Google Wallet does. A new feature called Now on Tap will also be added to Google Now which will let people access Google Now by simply holding the home button of their phone for long.

What’s surprising is that though Google releases it Android updates with a lot of noise, however, it still takes the users some time to get onto the latest update. Currently, only 18 percent Android users are using Lolipop. The remaining, that account up to 73 percent, are still using Kitkat or Jellybean. This is mainly because of the inefficiency of phone manufacturers in releasing the updates. It will be interesting to see whether Google has a remedy for this problem or not.