Sony All Set to Release a Darth Vader Themed PS4

Sony All Set to Release a Darth Vader Themed PS4


Disney recently made some pretty important announcements related to their Star Wars franchise but the one that’s most surprising has come from Sony. Sony is probably bringing out a PS4 console that’s themed on Darth Vader. Sony is planning to release this console in time with the game that’s hugely anticipated, Star Wars: Battlefront.

This 1TB console will be featuring a fully-customised chassis and will have an emblazoned Darth Vader’s visage along with a Star Wars logo. Apart from that, the console will be accompanied with a uniquely styled DualShock 4 controller which will feature a red directional pad along with grey thumbsticks along with face buttons that are coloured grey and red and shoulder buttons that are coloured red and blue.

This Darth Vader themed PS4 will be available in two variations. While one will come with a exclusive copy of the game Star Wars: Battlefront, other one that will be exclusive to only Walmart customers in USA will come bundled with a Saga Starter Pack edition. What’s more exciting is that each of these themed consoles will come with a voucher that will enable its users to download a set of Star Wars Classics that will include – Super Star Wars, Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars: Racer Revenge and Star Wars Bounty Hunter. All of these have been reworked so as to be played on PlayStation 4.

This Darth Vader edition PS4 will become available in U.S. on November 17 and in U.K. on November 19.