LG’s Flagship Phones will Now be Able to Stream High Quality Audio

LG’s Flagship Phones will Now be Able to Stream High Quality Audio


It looks like LG is all geared up to give its premium smartphone users a unique experience. We did hear some speculations earlier that LG might introduce some ‘speciality’ features just for its premium device holders and now it’s finally true. LG just launched their hi-fi music service through the company’s SmartWorld app for those who own devices that have 24-bit music playback capabilities that include LG G4, G3 and G Flex 2. Owners of these smartphones will now be able to enjoy a whopping 50 percent off on these high resolution audio tracks and in order to give the users a taste of this quality; LG will let its users download two songs for free in one month.

Tracks that will be available for download through this service will be encoded at 24 bit/192KHz which is ‘very close’ to original quality and is much clearer than the quality of sound that comes with a typical CD since they contain music tracks encoded at 16 bit/44.1KHz. According to LG, this hi-fi music service basically reflects their commitment to their loyal LG customers of providing additional benefits.

Though MP3 music works just fine for a lot of people, however, those users that have these hi-fi capable LG phones will now be able to experience music in n entirely different way. However, it’s still a topic of debate whether these users will be able to enjoy these high quality audios on the headphones that come with the device or not. This new service will be starting this month and will be available to users across multiple countries including US, UK, Russia, France and Australia.