Wildcard Launches a News App That’s Jus Perfect

Wildcard Launches a News App That’s Jus Perfect


We all are surrounded by bits and pieces of news which actually affect us in some way or the other. It helps us connect with the outside world and gather all that info that actually matters to us. There was a time when newspapers were the only source of news. Then came the television which brought an all new concept of news channels. With the advent of internet, browsers became another easy tool of viewing news; and now that smartphones have taken the world by a storm, it looks like apps are the new means of getting acquainted with news and Wildcard is another name amongst those apps.

Wildcard is basically an iPhone app which aims to step-up the mobile news category be releasing the latest version of their app. Like others, Wildcard too displays breaking news as per your preferences and also helps you see what your Twitter friends are sharing. Though it’s just another news app, however, it looks like Wildcard might have an edge against others because of its fantastic interface and helpful editorial section.

The app’s home screen is quite simple and overall navigation on the feels pretty smooth. While featured stories show at the top, a collection of recent news items resides below. The app’s algorithm helps it to determine the kind of stories you might be interested in once you’ve set your preferences. One can also connect it with Twitter for a more personalized touch.

It looks like finally a news app has born which was able to strike a fine balance with functionality and design which makes the entire news reading experience unique in its own way.