Rubicon Global Now Eyes Healthcare Industry’s Trash

Rubicon Global Now Eyes Healthcare Industry’s Trash


We all produce trash in some way or the other. Businesses, on the other hand, tend to produce more because of the wide variety of materials that are consumed on a daily basis. Therefore, there has to be some efficient way which promises to take care of this trash without piling it up and when it comes to waste management, one just can’t miss out Rubicon Global. This is a company that is helping businesses to save their precious money on waste management all over the world and now they are planning to cater to healthcare industry as well.

Rubicon basically works by connecting businesses to local garbage haulers by making use of an online bidding process. This eventually helps the companies to save money and recycle their trash at the same time. According to Rubicon’s co-founder Nate Morris, the healthcare industry is full of potential since it spends $10 billion on waste disposal.

Nate also added that for such healthcare organisations, Rubicon Global can prove to be extremely useful since their company employees both – methodology and technology. Rubicon doesn’t work on the principle “one size fits all” and instead can provide specially tailored services for each paradigm.

Rubicon’s working model can fit the healthcare industry pretty nicely since the waste that’s produced in hospitals is similar to that produced at any other commercial site. However, hospitals today are relying on the same old medieval technique of ‘digging a hole and filling it up.’ Rubicon, on the other hand, can prove to be a much more cost efficient way of putting the trash to rest.