Now You Can Send Messages Directly to Businesses Through Ads on Facebook

Now You Can Send Messages Directly to Businesses Through Ads on Facebook


Contact someone who is running a Facebook Page has now become extremely easy. Now you can simply head over to that person’s profile or you can even post comments. The social network giant recently added a feature which allows its users to send their messages directly to that business whenever you see an ad. Page owners can now opt for their ad’s ‘call-to-action’ to be a message button which would further allow its prospective customers to contact them much more directly for further information.

This feature will also let businesses and other page admins to directly respond to any comments that might be left on the page. When they do that, a note will then appear in the thread which will let other visitors know that they can be contacted.

These pages will also be getting badges on their profiles based the response time. In order to earn a badge that reads “very responsive to messages,” the page will need to respond to at least 90 percent of the total messages received and should also have an average response below 5 minutes.

Apart from that, you can always tweak your settings in case you don’t want businesses and other pages to contact you directly. Plenty of admin tools have become available too including a feature which will help you save commonly-used responses so as to lower your response time. This new feature has become live and you can surely see the change in the ads in absolutely no time.