Microsoft Just Released an Update for Windows 10

Microsoft Just Released an Update for Windows 10


Microsoft just released an update to their latest OS, Windows 10. While some users have already got a taste of this update, others are still waiting for their share. While it’s still not clear as what this update is related to, however, Microsoft confirmed that it is not a security-related update.

If, however, a guess had to be made as what this update is actually regarding then according to us, it is merely an accumulated list of updates which has been passed on to its users. If you were someone who basically just worked and tested Windows 10 for a significantly long time before releasing it, you probably won’t notice much change. However, if an OEM did flash an earlier ROM of the latest Windows 10 onto the machines, then maybe Microsoft is simply ensuring that every edge of its latest OS stays polished especially when the number of people who are updating to the 10 is constantly increasing.

The company will be updating their latest operating system, Windows 10, on a continuous basis as has been the case every time. However, the company can at least tell its users what this update is regarding and why one should update to it (or why one shouldn’t). Windows 10 has been getting some serious attention from reviewers worldwide who are claiming this version of Windows as one of the best till date. However, what’s odd is that the same transparent strategy which got the Windows 10 out from the door is fading especially when the OS is just a few days old.