Meet Alcoho-Lock. A Bike Lock Specially Designed for Tipsy Cyclists

Meet Alcoho-Lock. A Bike Lock Specially Designed for Tipsy Cyclists


We all know that one should never mix drinking and driving. Every year, hundreds of road accidents happen all around the globe because of some passed-out people who over calculate their motor skills and end up screwing with the lives of those on the road. Drunken cyclists, too, create a lot of havoc on the road by simply ignoring traffic signs and falling off from their cycles in the middle of the road.

In order to prevent this, a Japanese company KOOWHO has developed a bicycle lock that opens only if the alcohol in your body is within the limit. This device, called Alcoho-Lock, is basically a combination of a breathalyzer and a bicycle lock. One simply has to blow into the mouthpiece and then wait for the lock to detect the alcohol level in your body. If it’s within the prescribed legal limit, only then you’ll be allowed to use your bike. However, if the lock finds out you are drunk, it won’t open up and will send a warning text to your family member or friend. That particular person can either remotely unlock the device for you or decide otherwise.

Undoubtedly the concept is good, however, the Alcoho-Lock has its own share of drawbacks. This lock works on a battery and a full charge can work only for 40 breath tests, however, no one knows what happens if it runs out of power. Apart from that it costs $250 which is way too much for a bike lock. Also, if you are okay with the idea of blowing into a lock every time you want to use your bike, it’s ok. But, if you are not then you might have to carry an alternative lock which simply defeats the entire purpose of buying it.