Intel’s Professional Grade Xeon Processors to Arrive on Laptops

Intel’s Professional Grade Xeon Processors to Arrive on Laptops


Intel has always believed in next-gen computing. That’s exactly the reason why they invest so much time in the research and development of their processing chips. Now it seems like Intel is all set to launch their Xeon processors for laptops. These professional-grade chips have generally only seen data centres or corporate workstations, but now one will be able to make use of them on his/her personal laptop.

Intel aims to install these highly efficient professional chips in your laptops and give you a performance that you’d expect from fancy super computers in workstations. This will ultimately help the users to crunch out seemingly fast performance from a laptop that’s still thin and light. These new chips will have Xeon’s basic features like; remote management and error-correcting memory apart from having some brand new features as well.

As for now, Intel doesn’t seem much interested to talk about all that one can do with these Xeon chips. People won’t even find them in laptops that ship later this year. We think it’s a great move by Intel to launch chips that are specifically targeted to rev-up the performance of laptops. Latest stats reveal that the mobile workstation market is one reason why the sales of Windows PC are skyrocketing. Therefore, eying such a scenario, it makes all the sense for Intel to create processing chips that can cater to people who are interested in doing their job while they are away from the office.