Facebook’s “Live” Streaming Video Feature Becomes LIVE Only For Celebrities

Facebook’s “Live” Streaming Video Feature Becomes LIVE Only For Celebrities


Since its inception, Facebook has brought a huge number of changes in its platform for both users and businesses. While it has become more user friendly in terms of customer-intuitive interface and privacy algorithms, it has also at the same time helped a large number of businesses to boon with the help of its advanced advertisement features.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at a young age but thanks to his dedication and the right blend of people around him, Facebook is not just one of the biggest social networking platforms, but it is also one of the most reputable firms around the world. Facebook is just another way to stay connected with the world. But the people behind it are constantly thinking of something so that the company goes on rising. For that, they are always on the hunt of potential ideas which can be implemented on the site and which can entice users and celebrities as well.

Though Facebook launches many nitty-gritty tweaks almost every other week, but one feature that they’ve launched recently has become the talk of the town and that is – “Live” streaming video feature. Let’s dive into the details of what exactly Facebook expects from the users when it comes to this brand new feature.

Old Concept, Yet a Fresh Look
You might have heard of Periscope and Meerkat. These are applications which actually started the craze of mobile live-streaming. These apps cashed in a lot of users and became highly popular. In fact, Periscope became so popular that it ended up being bought by Twitter, another big name you are well familiar of.

However, Facebook was already working on a feature that would let notable figures broadcast their live videos to their fans worldwide, even when these names didn’t appear in front of the world. Finally, Facebook has now launched “Live” as a feature in the company’s Mentions app which is only available for celebrities that have a verified Page.

Only Accessible to ‘Verified’ Accounts
As for now the concept is only available to use for VIPs. Users that have a verified page will be able to see this feature and then make a Live broadcast. This is something extremely appealing as the masses are always curious as what their favourite stars are up to. With this Live streaming option, users will not only be able to know as where their favourite star is currently, but they’ll also know as what they are doing at that moment of time.

Celebrities can now start a ‘Live’ broadcast and simply post it on their News Feed. They can even watch comments being overlaid on their broadcast in real-time right on their stream. They can then simply make the recording permanently available for people’s viewing. As for now, stars like Dwayne Johnson and Serena Williams will be streaming so as to inaugurate this all new feature.

The company though doesn’t has much to say about the broadcasting abilities of an average user, however, they believe this feature will be able to bring an entirely awesome experience on board for both – public figures and the users. The company will also closely monitor the feedback that it gets from public figures and the viewers of these ‘Live’ streams so that this feature can be evolved in a better way.

Though the average users might feel left out from this feature because of no broadcasting abilities, but we think that’s probably a good move by the company. We all know how much plagued Meerkat and Periscope are by users who broadcast “Having breakfast” kind of videos which simply end up annoying their friends by showing up in their notifications. Allowing celebrities to use it first can therefore help the world to learn as what exactly are those moments that are worth streaming.

But Why Should Celebrities Use Facebook Live?
Today, celebrities are present on a wide number of social networking platforms so that they can connect with their fans in every possible way. So why would they like to use Facebook Live instead of Meerkat or Periscope that already have this feature from a long time now? This is something worth thinking about but the company believes otherwise.

In fact, Facebook seems pretty confident that this feature will attract a lot of celebrities and in fact will leave behind ‘other Live streaming platforms.’ According to the company, celebrities already have a huge fan following on Facebook. Thus by using this new feature in the Mentions app, they’ll be able to reach out to a much wider audience as compared to that on other networks.

Another reason why Facebook Live is a better option for celebrities is that the videos streamed here won’t disappear. As you would know, on Meerkat they get immediately deleted while on Periscope, they stay live for only 24 hours though they can be saved on the camera roll. Facebook says that a big share of video views come through re-shares which will probably happen once the Live broadcast has ended. This can, therefore, definitely distinguish Facebook Live from Periscope and Meerkat.

Making it Worth ‘Their’ Time
Celebrities who broadcast their Live videos have tonnes of options at their disposal with which they can decide the fate of their broadcast. They can either delete them, can even keep them off-the-cuff or can simply make it visible for a very small span of time. However, the auto-published Live feed will simply turn in a traditional video so that VIPs feel that taking out time for recording that Live stream and presenting it to their users was worth it.
Although Facebook has a shady past when it’s about real-time content because of its filtered News Feed, however, the company has worked hard to make sure that Live broadcasts are able to reach the viewers while they’re still being shot. For that, the company has made certain tweaks in its settings. For instance, the broadcast won’t just quickly appear in the feed of that particular celeb’s subscriber, but those who have recently interacted with the page will also receive push alerts so that they can tune into the broadcast.

All in all, we think it’s a great move by the company. Although many average users might be miffed about not being able to broadcast themselves, but to them we say that “let’s just see what the celebrities have in store for us.” Firstly we need to understand what’s actually worth streaming and how this feature should actually be used. Until then, just sit tight and see what your favourite celebrity is up to.