Bevel, a New Device in Town, Can Help Your Phone Become a...

Bevel, a New Device in Town, Can Help Your Phone Become a 3D Scanner


We’ve seen 3D printing technology . People have printed almost everything in 3D, from cups and cars and we can certainly tell you that this technology is here to stay. However, like any other amateur technology, 3D capturing and printing devices that are available right now are either too expensive or a lot complicated when it’s about being available for the masses.

However, it looks like Canadian company, Matter and Form, is all set to change this notion with their all new device – Bevel. It’s a device which simply plugs onto your phone’s audio jack and then allows your phone to capture 3D photographs. Currently, this device has been launched as a Kickstarter campaign where the company hopes to crowdfund an amount of $200,000. Bevel will eventually be available for a price of $49 which is really impressive when compared to the price of other 3D capturing devices.

Bevel makes use of a special kind of eye-safe laser which tends to act as a fixed source of light in order to capture the scale and geometrical details of the object while the camera of your phone captures colour, texture and the object’s other details. The result, therefore, is a 360-degree image which can be rotated, zoomed and even printed in a 3D format.

Company says that the device itself along with the software will be able to work across a wide variety of phones and similar platforms as they will be shipping it with a calibration card which will simply help to adjust Bevel accordingly as per the phone’s requirements. The device will also release along with a companion app that will help its users to capture-and-share these 3D images on the go. If all goes as planned, the device will be shipped in between this year’s Q4 and 2016’s Q1.