Adobe Increases Paid Parental Leaves for its Employees

Adobe Increases Paid Parental Leaves for its Employees


Companies these days take extra measures to make sure that their employees experience job satisfaction. While some companies try to give a comfy working environment, other simply work out policies that can benefit their working force when they need it the most. Adobe  is one such company which is known for maintaining a healthy relationship with its employees. Their latest policy aims to expand the maternity and paternity leaves that they provide to their employees.

This policy will come into enforcement from November 1 where birth mothers will now be allowed to take a paid leave up to six months. Apart from that, people who’ve become new parents – by giving birth, through surrogacy, through adoption or foster care will now be allowed to take a paid leave of maximum 16 weeks. Apart from that, the software giant has also promised certain ‘employee leave programs’ which its employees can make use of for medical and family emergencies. According to these latest leave policies, Adobe’s employees will now be able to take a paid leave of 10 weeks for medical reasons and a paid leave of four weeks maximum for taking care of a family member who is sick.

Adobe has always considered their employees a crucial asset if the company. These people have contributed heavily to take this company to where it is now just like it is the case with any other organisation and Adobe fully understands that. This is exactly the reason why the company thought of introducing these employee-friendly policies for making them feel valuable. Well done Adobe!