Amazon Drafts Crucial Guidelines for it Drone Delivery System

Amazon Drafts Crucial Guidelines for it Drone Delivery System


Now that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has relaxed the regulations for commercial drone flights, Amazon is now finally forging ahead with its plans to employ these machines for delivering the orders that they get. However, the company did propose some ground rules so as to keep its UAVs’ safe and out of the path of manned aircrafts. Right now, the FAA only allows drones to go up to a height of 400 feet and plus they must remain in pilot’s line of sight every time. Moreover, they can’t be operated within the radius of five miles of an airport.

Amazon vows to keep these regulations in mind and proposes to introduce faster, long-range drones that would fly between 200 and 400 and slower and short-range drones that would fly below 200 feet. The biggest challenge, however, would be to make sure that these drones don’t run in to obstacles, helicopters, airplanes or even each other. Amazon also wants that every drone will be required to file a flight plan prior to its takeoff just like manned aircrafts. The drones will also be required to keep an internet connection if they wish to receive any emergency instructions along with an obstacle avoidance and sensing system for preventing their crash into trees, utility poles, birds etc.

According to Amazon’s VP of drone delivery, Gur Kimchi, the company is willing to adopt a mirror plan of the system that is currently employed by FAA for its commercial airliners. He also added that this is extremely feasible and can be accomplished.