Most 2016 VW Cars Will be Able to Avoid a Crash and...

Most 2016 VW Cars Will be Able to Avoid a Crash and Talk to Your Phone


One normally has to spend a huge sum of money if he/she wishes to get certain autonomous features in their high-end car that can save them from an accident if were to take place. Volkswagen, however, has though otherwise as it is aiming to make these features. The automaker recently started shipping their 2016 model line and the company confirms that most of them they’ve made these crash avoidance features an option while the buyer is making a purchase.

Majority of Jetta, Golf and Touareg models will feature the smart cruise control and Volkswagen’s emergency braking technology which can help you prevent an accident even if you are unable to react at the spur of the moment. The company also said that these features will be standard on Executive trim levels of CC and Touareg. One will also be able to find a ‘Lane departure system’ on Golf, CC and Touareg and one can also avail parking assistance on the Golf.

The infotainment systems of the cars also seem to be getting upgraded as promised by the company by the start of the year. If you get to ride with Volkswagen’s new MIB II unit, you can expect it to support Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink connections. In case your phone is unable to talk to this fully equipped car, then the company suggests that there’s something wrong. One can also avail optional Car-Net subscription services which bring remote control security notifications along with real-time data of fuel prices, weather etc. While most VW’s of 2015 won’t have all these features, but you’ll be glad if you hold onto just one more year.