Mobile Magazine Honoured Yet Again, Awarded as Top Tech Blog of 2015

Mobile Magazine Honoured Yet Again, Awarded as Top Tech Blog of 2015


Running a blog that’s related to technology can be a tough row to hoe. You have to stay current with all that’s happening around the world and, today, where technology affects almost everything we see around us, it can definitely be a daunting task to make sure our readers stay abreast. Thankfully, we encounter quite a many encouraging moments which make us strive to be better and better with each passing day. We came across one such moment recently where we, at Mobile Magazine, were honoured as the ‘Top Tech Blog of 2015’ by Broadview Networks.

The road to glory wasn’t easy at all, especially when you are pitched against some of the most reputed blogs of this realm. However, we left no stone unturned to prove what we are worthy of and that’s exactly what the people at Broadview wanted to see.

We surely feel immense amount of satisfaction and pleasure after being bestowed with something this big, however, that’s not the end of the story, not for us at least! In fact, we feel a lot more responsible now, for the kind of research we do and for the kind of news we publish. Our mission is to provide the people what they ought to know in this ever-changing world and now that we’ve been awarded as the Top Tech Blog, we believe that we are treading on just the right path.

Big thanks to our team at Mobile Magazine and all our lovely readers who believed in us and supported us. Kudos!