FireChat Transforms into an Offline Private Messaging App

FireChat Transforms into an Offline Private Messaging App


We all have heard about online messaging applications. They work just like Whatsapp and though none of them has been able to gain popularity like Whatsapp did, however, still they seem to crop up almost every other month. FireChat too is a messaging application, however, it’s based on a completely different setup. It is basically an offline messaging app that became widely popular amongst the locals of Hong Kong while they were carrying out their pro-democracy protests. Now this application is turning into a private offline messaging app.

If you were amongst those activists who were involved in Hong Kong’s protests and in case you used FireChat at that time then you might recall that one only had a ‘Nearby’ tab at its disposal with which anyone in that particular area who had FireChat could be contacted. Now, however, one can contact anyone in private, provided the person you are contacting isn’t the only one on FireChat apart from you in your area.

This app works by simply making your private messages travel on whatever network is available, whether it’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even internet. This way your messages get traverse towards the receiver. Open Garden, the company behind this app, also promises that private messages are always encrypted so that others can be prevented from reading them. Though the messages can take somewhere around 10 or 15 minutes to reach their destination, but even then if you decide to give it a shot then you can always download it from Google Play and iTunes.