SanDisk’s Wireless USB Flash Drive Can Bring More Storage For Your Phone

SanDisk’s Wireless USB Flash Drive Can Bring More Storage For Your Phone


We’ve made a significant amount of progress in technology. Today, we have one of the fastest processors and the brightest of displays. However, something as basic as transferring files between your mobile and a desktop hasn’t seen much change and still revolves around medieval technology.

By this time, we’ve tried all sorts of dongles, adapters and even those oddly built double-sided USB thumb drives, however, none of them catered to the problem. However, it seems like Sandisk has finally found a possible solution for this problem – a battery powered wireless USB flash drive.

SanDisk’s latest product, the Connect Wireless Stick has been carefully designed for addressing two major problems when it comes down to internal storage and transfer of files. With this Connect Wireless Stick, you can easily expand your storage options on the go. Is your phone’s limited 16GB storage deterring you from carrying some movies and some high-res images? Don’t worry; just get hold of your SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. Its 128GB storage space can surely help you out.

Apart from that, this wireless flash drive can also stream data into your phone continuously for 4.5 hours and that too on one single charge. The stick also comprises of a feature where it can automatically back-up your photos and videos from the camera roll of your phone which is pretty impressive.

For the purpose of transferring files, Sandisk’s new Connect Wireless Stick sounds a bit amateur. But, it can definitely be regarded as a great wireless storage expansion option for iOS and Android phones.