Twitter Removes Background Wallpaper from the Homepages of its Users

Twitter Removes Background Wallpaper from the Homepages of its Users

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 13: Logos for the microblogging site Twitter, displayed on the internet on September 13, 2013 in London, England. Twitter has announced plans to float on the stockmarket. (Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

While logging in your Twitter account today on the web, you are bound to notice something new. In case you had uploaded an image for your custom wallpaper or in case you had simply used one of the available designs of Twitter, you’ll notice that it is no longer present on the background of your Twitter’s homepage.

According to Twitter, these background images have been removed from the home as well as the notifications and timelines from web for all the present users. Background images, from now on, will only be available where logged-in users are able to see them publicly i.e. in tweet pages, collection pages and list pages.

The images that were set by people have now been automatically replaced with a custom blank background that has a very slight tinge of blue. With the removal of these background images from the homepage and feed of the profiles of its users, Twitter is most probably aiming to present a much more cleaner and unified look for its new users.
This also implies that there stands a chance where in near future, background wallpapers are made to disappear all together from Twitter’s interface for a unified look across its all pages. Twitter’s this move is collectively being seen as a way to woo new users especially when there are stats that suggest that a lot of people sign-up on Twitter but rarely sign back in. So, it’s probably better if you get accustomed to that bland blueish-white background as it might stay for some time.