Now Stream Spotify Tunes for Your Morning Jog on Nike+ Running app

Now Stream Spotify Tunes for Your Morning Jog on Nike+ Running app


While Adidas has been offering tunes from Spotify for your morning jog for quite some time now, Nike plans to do exactly the same. The company has recently updated their Nike+ Running app so as to help you stream Spotify’s songs from within the app. In addition to that, the update will also be able to create a playlist for you based on your pace, goal and your music preferences, a feature which Nike is calling Pace Stations.

Once the required info is entered, the software will then be able to calculate the target beats per minute (BPM) before it actually compiles a 100-song playlist which will serve as a guide. With that feature, you’ll be able to match your stride with the pace of the music and then you’ll definitely be able to reach your goal. According to Nike, it’s first-of-its-kind instructive experience which will be able to guide runners towards their goals once they start listening to their prescribed songs. Unfortunately, the Pace Stations feature will be available on iOS only.

So, now we have apps from Adidas and Nike that can serve you songs from Spotify on the basis of your stride rate. If you’re a runner which prefers to listen to Spotify, take some time out and try both the apps so that you can decide which app will be able to serve you best. However, if you happen to opt for Nike+, you’ll be able to try Spotify Premium for a week without even entering your payment info or enjoy 60 days of free trial by sampling handing over your credit card number. Not a bad deal at all, eh?