European Construction Firm VolkerWessels Believes Plastic Will Soon Replace Asphalt for Building...

European Construction Firm VolkerWessels Believes Plastic Will Soon Replace Asphalt for Building Roads


It looks like the days of laying those crumbling asphalt roads have come to an end. Leading construction company VolkerWessels has recently revealed their plans of laying roads composed of recycled plastic that are not just more sustainable but are also much more practical than those traditional asphalt roads.

What’s more is that even they make use of reused material for their construction, however, they can easily last around three times more and can even survive a greater range of temperature i.e. between -40F to 176F. Despite looking fragile in appearance, these plastic roads are less likely to face cracks because of the strain of moving vehicles or the harsh weather. One can also pre-assemble them so that they lay down faster and the hollow structure of these roads can prove to be handy for laying cables and pipes within them.

Currently it’s just a concept, but VolkerWessels seems to be fully interested in testing and implementing this concept so as to make sure that it actually tends to hold up in the today’s world. In fact so much is the company into this project that they are planning to try out these plastic streets in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where the company’s headquarters are located. The company is planning to lay-out these plastic surfaces on their ‘street lab,’ and VolkerWessels hopes to get a positive result after which they can start their installation in the city within three years.

What’s more fascinating is that the Indian city of Jamshedpur already boasts of a few kilometres of recycled plastic roads which were built by an Indian company JUSCO that is a TATA enterprise. It’ll be interesting to see how this concept of plastic roads tends to change the construction of roads around the world.