Top 5 Tablets Of 2015

Top 5 Tablets Of 2015


When tablets first came in this market, economists had doubts on their popularity. Everyone suspected as why anyone would go for something that is similar to a phone with just a bigger screen. However, that doubt got washed-out long ago. Today, tablets are selling like hot cakes and if you are willing to get one for yourself, check out our top 5 before you go out and buy one.

    iPad Air 2

  • iPad Air 2 – Undoubtedly it’s Apple’s best tablet. However, it’s also the only tablet that one should consider if they are keen on buying one that has a large screen. While its competitors like Google’s Nexus 9 are also brilliant, however, Air 2 just takes things to a whole new level.
  • Nexus-9-main-620x366

  • Google Nexus 9 – The Google Nexus 9 happened to be the first tablet that ran on Android Lollipop 5.0. It performs pretty sturdily no matter what you throw at it. Switching between apps is fluid and its streamlined construction provides a unique deluxe feel. The Google Nexus 9 is definitely the best Android tablet out there.
  • dell

  • Dell Venue 8 7000 – Dell’s Venue 8 7000 is a remarkably lightweight and thin tablet that also gives a unique comfortable feel. The high point of this tablet, however, is its Intel RealSense depth-sensing shooter which is an innovative and efficient one. It has a large storage capacity and gives a pretty decent battery life as well.
  • SHIELD_Tablet_Cover_Front_Wide_Angle_Left

  • Nvidia Shield – A tablet from Nvidia is ought to be pumped-up when it comes to graphics and that’s exactly the case with Nvidia Shield. With its new Tegra K1 processor, the Shield packs a lot of graphic punch, has an expandable storage; runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and tends to offer full access to the Google Play store. It is arguable the best gaming tablet when one can buy in 2015.
  • amazon

  • Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 – Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9 is unique in its own way. It comes with Dolby’s Atmos ‘audio enhancing technology’ along with Amazon’s item identifying ‘Firefly’ function. Fire’s user-friendly OS and its ability to set-up individual profiles are also extremely attractive. It’s also the lightest and slimmest of all tablets.