Top 5 TV Screens of 2015

Top 5 TV Screens of 2015


The television technology has changed by humungous amounts recently. Each year sees the launch of numerous TVs’ but only a few make it into your living room. So, if you are planning to buy a new one, here are 2015’s top 5 TVs’ which you simply can’t resist.

    Vizio E Series 2015

  • Vizio E Series 2015 – This latest TV by Vizio doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket at all. At just $529, the Vizio E Series is probably the best bang for your buck out there. It manages to produce crisp picture quality and has an exception sound clarity as well.
  • LG 55EC9300

  • LG 55EC9300 – The 55-incher LG 55EC9300 offers a vividly bright and amazing picture quality. It’s also the least expensive OLED TV with a curved display technology that’s highly popular these days.
  • LG EG9600

  • LG EG9600 – Undoubtedly, it’s one of the costliest TV screens that you can buy, however, it’s also the most competent OLED TV out there. This is one of those screens that gave the biggies in this game like Samsung and Sony a run for their money
  • Vizio P2ui-B

  • Vizio P2ui-B – Owing to its great contrast and highly competitive price, leaving the Vizio P2ui-B out of this list wouldn’t have been fair, especially when the company recently updated their software to fix its video processing problems.
  • Sony XBR-X900B

  • Sony XBR-X900B – With an extremely loud sound quality, Sony’s XBR-X900B is another highly popular TV in 2015. Not only does it provide a perfect amalgam of sound and picture quality, but it’s also one of the most gorgeous looking TV out there.