Samsung 4K SUHD TV

Samsung 4K SUHD TV


Recently, Samsung has spent enormous amounts of money in order to promote their new ‘SUHD’ TVs different and better than their regular old UHD TVs’. One of its SUHD TV is the JS8500. This TV has better color accuracy and video processing than most other TVs’. Picture quality of this TV is excellent and so are its levels of blacks.

When it’s about styling and design, Samsung’s TVs’ speak for them self. That’s exactly the case with the Samsung JS8500. It’s also currently the cheapest of all TVs’ which can handle High Dynamic Range or HDR which is said to be the next big advancement in video after 4K. This TV is also equipped with wider color gamuts that promise much more realistic color reproduction than ever.

However, in comparison to their UHD cousins, the JS8500 performs similarly. In fact, some might find the picture quality to be better on the UHD screens which cost much less than this SUHD TV of Samsung. No doubt, the other TVs’ in this SUHD series perform better than UHDs’ but they also tend to cost a lot more. The difference, on the other hand, isn’t that big as proclaimed.

The JS8500 has Samsung’s updated Tizen operating system which is also prevalent in some smart watches and phones. It also provides the most digitally smart software as seen on Samsung’s Smart TVs’ with latest options when it comes to apps. Connectivity options are the regular ones that can be seen on the UHD TV. All in all, Samsung’s SUHD JS8500 is a great TV, however, it’s upon you to decide whether you want to that price for just a few extra colours and features or not.