Panasonic TH-L32A410D 81

Panasonic TH-L32A410D 81


The new Panasonic TH-L32A410D is all about experiencing high picture quality. Its sleek and slim design along with sturdy built quality itself defines the amount of effort Panasonic has put into it. Since, it’s a budget TV, therefore one cannot expect a whole lot of features from it. However, the Panasonic TH-L32A410D doesn’t disappoint as well.

Its IPS LED panel isn’t truly the best in this price category; however, it’s not the worst too. It can also provide a great TV viewing experience, thanks to its wide viewing angle and its Dot Noise Reduction feature which filters the picture quality and makes it noise free. One can also make use of Panasonic’s signature V-Audio feature which improvises the audio quality along with a high quality of beats.

The in-built media player of this TV is fully capable of playing content from a range of external devices. One can even play his/her pictures on the TV by adding some special effects and some background music to it. This is made possible with Panasonic’s own in-built features which they have crafted so delicately. Customization, therefore, is extremely easy and can readily increase your level of entertainment.

Just like in any other modern-age TV, you can find a HDMI port in this one too with which you can easily connect your BD player or any game console. Apart from that, there is a USB port too for the user’s convenience.

This one also has a ‘Narrow Bezel Design’ which makes it easy to merge with any kind of room interiors. Its narrow bezels makes the TV look much slimmer as a result of which the Panasonic TH-L32A410D looks quite stunning in terms of design. When you look at the new Panasonic TH-L32A410D, you can mistake it for a mid-segment TV, however, it is currently one of the best budget TVs’ out there.