6 Best Fitness Applications for Android

6 Best Fitness Applications for Android


Leading a healthy and active life is extremely important and we somewhere deep down inside we all understand that, however, making that happen every day can often feel tough. Technology has blessed us with lots of things which have made lives easier.

One doesn’t really need a personal trainer or gym membership nowadays for staying healthy. There is no need of purchasing that hyped wrist-worn fitness band as well. The smartphone that’s present in your pocket is all that you need to meet your fitness goals.


Most activity tracking apps that are available nowadays make use of motion detectors that are present in your phone to track your activity. They don’t need any additional hardware, they easily set and monitor goals for you, motivate you to achieve them and also provide you a full-fledge progress report.

Today, they are hundreds of health and fitness apps available for Android phones. However, following are some of them that stand out.

  • Jawbone UPUP by Jawbone is probably the most popular and well-built fitness tracking app. One might be familiar with UP as a ‘wrist-worn’ activity tracker, however, the main operations can actually be found in its smartphone app. While making use of your phone’s sensors, UP easily collects all kinds of data. Moreover, since UP is completely free to use, it is nothing less than an icing on the cake.
  • UP tries to learn from the data that it happens to collect and then automatically sends a helpful nudge when you decide to take a day off or a thumbs-up if you happen to exceed your goal.
  • Unlike other trackers which happen to start at the same 10,000 step goal per day for everyone, UP, on the other hand, cleverly suggest a reasonable goal for you based on your height, weight and age and also lets you know how you stand out amongst other people.
  • Apart from monitoring your activity, Jawbone’s UP also tries to keep a log of all the food that you happen to consume. Logging every meal can be tiresome, but UP tries and in most cases succeeds, to solve that problem. Though one can always do a manual search in UP’s database, however apart from that, there’s also a scanner which can quickly find any prepared food, drink item using a barcode.
  • UP is therefore the most comprehensive app fro tracking your daily fitness, but in case you are interested in something more easy, then there are other options too.
  • Google Fit – If you want something much simpler yet accurate, Google’s own Fit app is just for you. The Google Fit app tends to take a comparatively pared down approach when it’s about tracking.
  • It asks to set only a single goal for your day-to-day activity. Using its home screen widget one can quickly check his/her progress or simply look inside the app for comparing your current day. It’s home screen widget will track your steps and if you own an Android Wear smartwatch, then it will also read your heart rate and activity data from there.Fit doesn’t come with the ‘motivating’ coaching features or any other helpful reminders that one can see in UP, nor does this app can help you track the amount of food that you eat. All these reasons can make you feel that the app is way too simple; however, that’s exactly what some users want.
  • Strava Running and Cycling GPSStrava is exactly what you should have in your phone in case you are a hardcore bicyclist or runner. One can track his/her run or bike ride with GPS through Strava and also catch a glimpse of your exact route, detailed information like your pace, power, elevation changes, and cadence etc.
  • Strava’s biggest benefit is that it has a large active user base which allows the user to see as which of your friends are using Strava and are out on a run or you can even compare your best record to that of people having the same weight, age and height. Strava, however, is much more than just an app that can monitor your daily step counts. It’s actually designed to be more like a companion for your workout or your specific activities.
  • Nike+ Fuel – If you are a fitness freak who cares about nothing else but how hard he/she trained today, then beat Nike+ Fuel app  is what you should set your eyes on. This app won’t track your daily food intake, nor will it analyse your daily sleep cycles. Nike+ Fuel, instead, focuses on providing its users the most amazing visual interface which tends to motivate its users to push harder and beat all their friends’ during that process.
  • Microsoft Health – Just like our top fitness apps, Microsoft’s Health app is also designed to accompany its dedicated tracker – Microsoft Band. Similar to the Google Fit, Health is also extremely simple, only happens to track your daily activity and exercise and provides a fast dashboard so that you check it throughout the day.
  • ITMP Technology Digifit – Digifit is developed to act like a detailed journal of all the specific workouts and activities that you tend to perform. It helps you to start recording your workout’s basic info with the help of a lot fewer taps as compares to most other apps. There is no such thing as leaderboards here, nor can you log-in your food and sleep intake, but if a simple app for recording your progress is all that you want, Digifit is can be worth a try.

We have always accepted the importance of working out and staying fit, but rarely do we wake up early in the morning and go for a jog. Fitness apps, however, have made that plausible with their intuitive interface and its encouraging design.

These apps will not only track how much you or your friends have worked out, but they’ll also track the amount of calories you take and will happen to advise you accordingly. Technology is willing to help you stay healthy, all you need to do is tap that app and get going!