Apple Pay Makes Its Way to the UK, to be Launched on...

Apple Pay Makes Its Way to the UK, to be Launched on July 14


Apple Pay, Apple’s payment service, which was launched in the U.S. last year, is now making its way to the UK as stated at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple Pay, if you may remember, made waves last year when it was launched. It is said to be one of the most robust and successful mobile payment method developed till date. It allows its users to make payments through their iPhone or Apple Watch via its Wallet app. Many leading shopping stores and outlets in the U.S. have now listed Apple Pay as one of their many options to make payments. According to current stats, users of Apple Pay are increasing everyday and with its ingress in the UK, these figures are bound to swell.

Sources at 9to5mac along with those at retailers like Waitrose report that the launch of Apple Pay in the UK could happen on Tuesday, July 14.

After the entry of Apple Pay in the British territory, UK will become the first country that will adopt Apple Pay apart from the U.S. There will be over 250,000 locations in the UK that will be seen accepting this service having a transaction cap of £20 that is believed to rise up to £30 by this year’s end.

Several major international and local banks along with the famous London Underground are assumed to be the first ones to accept payments through Apple Pay. Apart from them, Boots, Costa Coffee, KFC, BP, M&S, McDonald’s, Nando’s, Pret A Manger, New Look and all the Apple Stores are some of the high street chains that have agreed to work with this service. Sources also confirm that Apple will begin to train their new staff for Apple Pay in UK on July 12.