Routers in Homes and Coffee Shops May Soon Offer 4G Data Connection...

Routers in Homes and Coffee Shops May Soon Offer 4G Data Connection to Nearby Phones


Today, Wi-Fi has become omnipresent almost everywhere, thanks to the ease with which anyone can set their own network. According to the leading mobile chip company Qualcomm, if everything falls into place, you may be able to set-up your own network so as to serve nearby smartphones with high-speed LTE protocol that’s currently only exclusive to cellular networks. This means that your home or business router will now be able to provide fast LTE connections to mobiles just like conventional cellular networks.

This new version of LTE is being developed by Qualcomm and is being called MuLTEfire. ISPs and other companies can then incorporate this latest version of LTE in their cable boxes or home devices which can eventually help to create high-speed mobile data network for the people. According to Qualcomm, this technology will help to provide faster and less glitchy connections as compared to Wi-Fi. Matt Grob, chief technology officer of Qualcomm, says that this idea can help to quench the growing demands of the people for mobile data.

Phil Marshall, a telecom analyst, thinks that MuLTEfire will give tough competition for the existing cellular network companies which will eventually be good for the consumers. However, Marshall also predicts that places like shopping malls, stadiums and airports will tend to install their own MuLTEfire hotspots so as to improve the coverage nearby. Cell network providers have already put small base stations at such places, but they can serve customers of only one network. If an airport rolls out its own MuLTEfire hotspot, it could efficiently serve all only if their respective cellular providers have paid to get their customers access to it.

Qualcomm’s this revolutionary idea still has miles to go as of now, however, it surely has the potential to cast an impact on modern cellular technology.