Clip and Talk- The Wonders of a Smart Bluetooth Handset!

Clip and Talk- The Wonders of a Smart Bluetooth Handset!


Spare a thought about a Bluetooth handset that is sensitive about your health condition- so that while you are busy taking a call, the handset device could call the doctor to report your sickness! It keeps a track on your healthy concerns, generates reports, and even goes to the extent of calling your medical professional for quick assistance. Yes, the technology is stepping ahead, and everything that we just said is possible with the help of ‘Clip and Talk’ Bluetooth handset!

The CE week 2015 held in the beautiful city of New York brought forth the innovation of Clip & Talk and its lineup of Bluetooth handsets. What more? Well, the company has also revealed the wonder app that could work on the basis of the user’s illness (by sending a report to the doctor). Clip & Talk features a remarkable set of earpiece that can be clipped somewhere close to the ear or even inside the pocket of the user. Just share a quick flip of the switch in the back of the headset and the device is turned on within the swift duration of three seconds. In case the user is getting a call, the Bluetooth handset automatically answers the call with a mere flip.

During the event, Clip & Talk presented the different set of models such as the Me, Fashion Matrix, Aluminum, View, Alu Pro, Alu health, Alu Pro Health and so on. With an average of about four to six hours of talk time, the handsets take a maximum duration of two hours for charging the device.

Let’s have a look at the other specifications of the handset-

The driven philosophy As the company calls it- ‘We make Technology Disappear’.
What are other accessories that are teamed with Clip & Talk? The companion app ‘Clip & Talk health’ comes with the handset. Meanwhile, the app is only available for the user of iOS devices.

The purpose of the app is quite simple- it monitors and gathers the data pertaining to the health of the user. The app set a baseline for the normal health of the users. In case the results are not in sync with the baseline standards, the report is generated reflects the need of medical advice

How ‘Clip & Talk Health’ app is distinct from other health-related apps available in the market? Clip & Talk health app is clinically tested and approved- unlike any of the wearable devices (like Apple Watch). From the heart rate to the data related to the metabolism and steps to cadence, Clip & Talk tracks all the details.
On what parameters does the handset works?
  • The data provided by the user.
  • The sensor data generated by the device.
  • Algorithm functionality of the device.
How is Clip & Talk useful for the users? The app provides suggestive measures for the health of the users. Even in the case of emergency, the app can give a call at 911 if the user has approved the settings. The app gives the onus of analyzing the location, having a real-time sensor access, storing the medical history of the user and many more.
Other Specifications- Shares compatibility with SIRI- an outstanding voice-recognition software. Clip & Talk is also compatible with a couple of VoIP services like Skype and Viber.

  • Charging- friendly as ever, transforms the Bluetooth handset into a portable USB storage device
  • Comes with a slot of MicroSD card
  • Clip & Talk features exclusive USB and MicroSD options for the range of Aluminum, Alu Pro, View, Alu Health and Alu Pro health models.
  • In some models, a user can also control the length of music playing on the phone. There is a slot for volume and track controls on the either sides.
Other Specifications- Price- every model has a different price specification-

  • Me series comes in $39.99
  • Fashion Matrix $59.90
  • Aluminum $69.90
  • Alu Pro $79.90
  • View $99
  • Alu Health $149.90
  • Alu pro health $159.90 Insight:
The shipment of all the seven models of Clip & Talk would start only after September. While the news about the release date is yet to be finalized, one thing that has created the buzz for the products is its multitasking features. Before Clip & Talk, none of us ever saw a device and app that was clinically tested and approved. As a combination of a smart device and healthy kit, Clip & Talk stands tall in the reign of health-related apps.
In the midst of the Apple Watch boom, Clip & Talk offers a subtle solution to needs that caters to health data monitoring and tracking. With Apple Watches, Apple claims the ‘Live a better day’ fitness mantra for everyone. According to the tech giant, fitness is not all about running, biking or hitting the gym. It is more about being active and tracking the data- also using a tool that can enhance your fitness parameters with effective reporting. How about using a device that keeps a track of each and every data related to your health? How about providing solutions that are medically recommended and assisted at the same point in time? Well, the answer lies in Clip & Talk!

Thanks to the CE Week 2015, the world witnessed the innovative wonder of Clip and Talk with the help of this conference. is indeed glad to learn about the aspect of having the assistance of medical professionals through the interface of an app. While the price range of Alu Pro Health is a bit on a higher scale, the rest of the products fall in the reasonable cost range. wishes the best for this initiative- September is not so far, and we will be eagerly waiting for the release of this awesome product.