Snips Grabs $6.3 Million to Experiment ‘Innovation’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Your...

Snips Grabs $6.3 Million to Experiment ‘Innovation’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Your Smartphones


What if your phone could have been more efficient and smarter than it is right now? How about using an artificial layer of intelligence sheet that could improve the performance of your smartphone? Well, innovation is just a step ahead because, with Snips, you will now be able to experience the delight of efficiency in your phone. The idea ‘to disappear technology from our conscience’ is vital- so that we can spend time and life in more valuable things!

Raising a whopping amount of $6.3 million at the beginning round led by The Hive, the French startup ‘Snips’ startled the show with the pioneering idea of making smartphones more effective. While the event was also graced by the presence of other prominent ventures like 500 startups, Eniac Venture, Brent Hoberman, Xavier Niel and Bpifrance, it was Snips that added the spark of novelty in the original ideas.


The idea behind Innovation- Snips!
In practical terms, Snips is up with a futuristic concern whereby it would be presenting a new Android home screen (also as an iPhone app) that can show relevant information and apps to the user. The availability of this information and apps will be timeless and in accordance with the needs of the users. It seems that the makers of Snips have drawn inspiration of redefining Android home screen from the contextual launcher ‘EverythingMe’. Similarly, the iOS app also appears to be an intelligent app launcher!
With Snips, the smart data analysis becomes the center of attraction and one among the most prominent feature of the venture. The team of useful data scientists, Ph.D. research scholars, and profession workers has worked together for compiling the specific feature of the data analysis. While conceptualizing the idea, it is said that the team did not have any business model in their minds. Everything started on the experimental basis- such as launching preliminary projects in smart cities. Just like the Tranquilien app (that suggests the ‘busy-ness’ and ‘seat availability’ of a users train or the space issues with parking spots), Snips begin with experimentation.
Now, the company is readily conceptualizing the idea of artificial intelligence layer to all smart devices- primarily for the phones.

Know more about Snips!

The driven philosophy As the company calls it- ‘We make Technology Disappear’.
Team behind Snips
  • Rand Hindi- Founder and CEO- an entrepreneur and data scientist by profession.
  • Dr. Mael Primet- Co-founder of Snips- a learned mathematician and entrepreneur.
  • Michael Fester- Head of Products and Co-Founder of Snips- Mathematician, designer and entrepreneur.
  • Yann Lechelle- COO of Snips- software engineer, social entrepreneur and product guy.
  • The French Startup Snips was created on January 2013.
All you need to know about Snips
  • Data analysis on the basis of location and calendar data.
  • The analysis can also be need based- it is what the users are interesting in getting.
  •  Snips could also ask a user to install Citymapper- a transport application that provides ease in locating city-based places.
  • According to the team, Snips works on the technology that develops with the help of context- it could not only predict the applications that one should use but can also analyze the content behind the use of such applications.
  • They say the world is nothing but random and the team is working on discovering things that can improve our respective lives. The key to this improvement is ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Insight
Raising an amount of $6.3 million is not an easy task- it happened because of the idea that was able to create the desired impact in the mind of the audience! The concept of improvising Android home screen is not a new initiative, from EverythingMe to Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft), and Tempo (acquired by Salesforce), each one of them have spent their time in revolutionize the same concept. Besides, who has most successful in achieving the target is the big question!
Competing with EverythingMe
EverythingMe contextual launcher is an app that customizes user’s Android home screen so that every time the user launches the phone, the system starts as per the needs of the user. The application has been launched and is globally available. For compiling the data, EverythingMe analyzes the user behavior and prepares a list of applications that are most used by the user. For instance, if a user has 120 applications on the phone, EverythingMe will analyze the apps that are most utilized by the user (so that it can launch those applications when a user switches the phone on). Just like Snips, the app is also accessing the need-based demands of the user. More or less, EverythingMe works as an alternative for Snips- the fact that it can replace the search engine of your phone is commendable. However, in comparison to the $6.3 million funding, EverythingMe registered an overall funding of $3.7 million.


The tale of competition is not just limited to EverythingMe! It is certain that Snips is also facing stiff competition from both Apple and Google right now. iOS 9 is currently working on a feature that suggest apps depending on usage- also, providing a universal search feature that extends deeply rooted results. On the other hand, Google with the Android team is also working on the project ‘Google Now’ for quite a while. The desire to make smartphones more efficient and smarter seems to be universal.
As a context-aware interface that connects to the user’s devices, Snips potential of analyzing habits and working faster is unique in itself. Though the industry is already busy channelizing the idea, it depends on the finesse of research and analytical skills that can make a particular app distinct. Snips plan to make the technology disappear from our consciousness so that we can spend the rest of our life in doing things we care most. The idea in itself is noble enough, and we wish all the best to the team Snips!