Facebook in News- All for Good Reasons!

Facebook in News- All for Good Reasons!


It seems that the day with Facebook is all green and sunny! Closing at an all-time High last night, Facebook registers a worth of $88.86 per share (valuing the company’s total worth at $250 Billion). On the other hand, Facebook teams up with Kaspersky Labs to counter and detect the extent of malicious software for users of the social network site. And, not to forget the third development, where a Facebook account is no longer required for using the Messenger!

It was last Friday when Facebook traded around at $82, and it just took a week’s time for the social network giant to settle at all-time highs. Well, the target of achieving the 11 figure grade is not the big news for Facebook. Somewhere down the line, it is evident for a company like Facebook to achieve the target. The big news comes with the way some analysts has started perceiving the picture of the social network giant! Notably, RBC Capital has suggested a modest yet stiff worth of Facebook shares at $105 and on the other hand, Piper Jaffray went ahead to raise the worth of its Facebook share price target to $120.

It seems that the investors are focusing on the revenue aspect of Facebook, due to which the expectations are scaling high. Though Facebook is trading at its all-time highs right now, the fact that the stocks are still under-owned is true. In the midst of the scenario, the social network holds the second least stock (it has managed to compete Google share stake that went below with -0.86% rate). The data is in accordance with the ten top most ‘Large-cap Internet Companies’.

Facebook teams with Kaspersky Labs
Rising to the list of Top 10 companies and bumping Wal-Mart Stores out was not enough for Facebook (Nasdaq:FB)- seems like more of the happy news was stored for all of us. On Tuesday, the social network giant went ahead to announce its latest development with new security tool that is powered by Kaspersky. The idea to detect and remove malicious software for Facebook users is the prime motive behind this partnership.


Facebook is planning to strengthen the security parameters in the site, for which, the social network giant is working on a program implemented through Kaspersky and other security firms like ESET, F-Secure and Trend Micro. According to Trevor Pottinger, the Security Engineer for Facebook, the collaboration has helped Facebook in a constructive manner. Over the past three months, Facebook has been able to help about two million infected computers (that were detected with malware while they were connected to Facebook). With the help of Kaspersky, Facebook will be providing a cleanup tool that will run in the backdrop while the user would be using Facebook. The notification will thus display the need for scanning the system. Facebook has been using a combination of versatile signals that help in detecting virus or malware in a computer system, regardless of its influence on Facebook account.

No need of having a Facebook account for using Messenger
So even if you hate Facebook, you can go ahead and use the Messenger— well, Facebook has grown courteous and the idea is not to ‘force’ itself in the users! The latest development in the Messenger gives users the option of signing up the chat app ‘without an account’. It means users can now sign up with the help of credentials like first name, last name, and phone number. The change has been implemented for the users in the US, Peru, and Venezuela for now.

Facebook started the journey of implementing the change about two years back but due to some reasons, the idea was suspended. According to Messenger’s head David Marcus, the mission was suspended when they were about to reach the midway. With the latest development, Messenger has almost completed the last phase of its journey- it is now prepared for the users who were willing to use it without the aid of Facebook credentials.
The new ‘not for Facebook’ model will work on the basis of contact list (ahh…Now that reminds me of Whats App Messenger). Just like the Whats App Messenger, the ‘not for Facebook’ messenger will fetch the list of contacts that would be using the same messenger i.e. registered through phone number. With this, the user can also ‘search’ contacts from the list.

Mobilemag.com Insight
‘With great powers comes great responsibilities’ says Spiderman! Well, being one the most promising social network site,Facebook understands the significance of responsibilities that it holds in the wake of its social prominence. Facebook is on the verge of beating some biggies like Wal-Mart in the stock market, it is going hand in hand with the measures of security, and it is learning to ‘evolve’. The news is promising for the social network giant!
The evolution learning with Messenger
You might have seen the ‘friend- to- friend’ payment module, the latest location sharing feature and the VOIP video calling parameter in the interface with Facebook- this is how Facebook is planning to join the league of evolution!Facebook has a definite vision for the Messenger- they want it to grow as a system through which a business could offer customer support to the audience. With the ‘not for Facebook’ sign in option, Messenger will now be a standalone app. With about 700 users, Messenger is already huge. Let’s hope that the change will add feathers to the success tale of Facebook.


If Mark May from Citi Research is to believe, then Facebook (along with Google) has the greatest near time opportunity among large-cap Internet! The shares are up, and the performance is improving- what else Facebook wants? The trouble that the company has been facing with security, online fraud scheme, pornographic content, and malware issues will be soon resolved with the help of Kaspersky Labs. It is notable that schemes like ‘Phishing’ and Trojans has been targeting Facebook for quite a while now.
Mobilemag.com hopes that the idea of self-actualization, constant growth, and safer ambience would always favor the social network giant.