Apple iOS 9- Release Date, Review, Spec, Features (Video)

Apple iOS 9- Release Date, Review, Spec, Features (Video)


Apple’s upcoming operating system ‘iOS 9’ will soon hit the market! The operating system that is applicable for the iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad was first introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 8. Backed with impressive design changes and refined features, Apple’s latest operating system is all about innovative functionality and superb performance.

With the onset of iOS 9, Apple celebrates the idea of adding the fine dose of productivity to each and every moment in our lives. Apple’s iOS 9 is the amalgamation of all new enhancements that the users wish to witness in their day to day routine. From productive features to proactive suggestions, improved performance, superior battery life and sound security, iOS 9 is all that one would like to see in their operating system.

Let’s have a look at the gist of features in iOS 9.

Powered with intelligence
  • Comes with the potential of analyzing user habits.
  • Ability to respond to a particular set of information. It could be helpful in opening of applications
  • Need-based intelligence is useful in making recommendations and guiding users at the right time.
Powered with Siri
    Bitcode takes the help of this library in order to fetch and convert the code of your application.

  • Create personalized reminders with the help of this personal assistant.
  • Siri helps the searching of images and videos in a unanimous way.
  • Apple’s iOS 9 adds the feature of Siri Suggestion- sweep left from your home screen and find a new screen with Siri suggestions that compiles your favorite contacts, locations, applications, news, and information .
Do you know what LLVM is?
    Low Level Virtual Machine known as LLVM is a library that helps the conversion of the code into machine/intermediate code. The library is used for the purpose of building many compilers and languages that could be used by a developer. LLVM is divided into two different parts-

  • Front End language- it is used in creating an app- just like Swift, Python, and Objective –C.
  • Back end Language- the process of compiling the app down to machine code.
  • Profound search capabilities (that also adds simple calculation/conversion features).
  • Improvised in-built applications.
  • Apple’s iOS 9 comes with a new sketching and checklist feature- also, check a new ‘news’ app.
  • Apple Pay to be renamed as ‘Wallet’.
  • Superior battery backup that adds an hour usage in the life. Also, under a low power mode, the battery life can be extended to up to 3 hours.
 Features of iPad
  • Handle different task together with the split- screen multitasking feature.
  • New gesture added- new two finger swipe that helps cutting, pasting and movement of the cursor on the screen
  • Apple iOS adds San Francisco Font, support for wireless CarPlay, optional iCloud Drive app, two-factor authentication security and option for a longer password.
 What’s new in Apps and Services
  • News- While most of the applications are updated, Apple is also planning to launch a new news-based app called ‘News’. It settles for a mobile optimized format. The content can be shared for offline reading
  • Notes- the segment is updated with a new set of tools that includes reminder-style checklists and creating sketches. With notes, now you can also save the content of other apps to Notes (open notes and add the URL of the website).
  • Maps- Map comes with a new Transit view (as it will help a user in giving more profound directions). Transit view will also suggest the best routine in line for a user. It will now come with a ‘Nearby’ feature that will indicate restaurants and stores close to a user.
  • ICloud Drive- It comes in an optional form! With the iCloud app, a user can see, access and manage all the files on the drive.
  • Mail- Now comes with the ‘file attachment’ change! Add files from the iCloud Drive or from any other storage option like Dropbox.
  • Health- a new app in the merit of iOS 9 that includes reproductive health in the list.
  • CarPlay- It is now available with a wireless support! Your iPhone will now connect to the car without any need of having wired lighting connection
Compatibility Apple’s iOS 9 will be able to run with all the devices that are compatible with iOS 8. It includes iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad mini and all the newer devices.
Release Date Currently available to the developers (the first beta version was out on 8 June). The public version will be releasing on July 8.
Installation updates Unlike iOS 8 (that requires a space of 4.58 GB), iOS 9 needs only 1.3 GB space for the purpose of installation. It is optimized now. Insights

Apple proclaimed iOS 9 to be ‘intelligent’, and it is indeed true as a fact! Thanks to the proactive suggestions and personal assistant Siri for redefining the operating system into a versatile lifestyle management tool. Wake up in the morning and have a routine- the iOS 9 will automatically tell you about the things that you can do. If you are habitual of listening to music in the evening, the system will mechanically open the music applications with your personal playlist (as soon as the user plugs the headphones on). How awesome is that now?

How Siri will be the next big thing for iOS users?

With Siri, Apple is planning the finest delight of contextual awareness for the users. Ask Siri to set a reminder for you and it will set an instant message for you. From messaging to reminders, Siri will control everything for you. The awareness is also location-based and relative- this means you can add specific reminders with the help of Siri. With iOS 9, Apple sets the trend of smarter search and Siri suggestions. The good news is that the features will be available along with the Spotlight search. Siri Suggestions will compile a list of contacts that are close to a user, apps that are used most of the time, restaurants/stations that are mostly preferred, and news categories that the user is fond off.

With iOS 9, Apple has indeed gone a step ahead with security. Now, a user needs to create a 6-digit passcodes instead of previous security measures that used only 4-digit passcodes. It doesn’t mean that Apple has taken the authority of using 4-digit passcodes- but it is indeed recommending the longer passcodes.
We have raised our expectations quite high after hearing about iOS 9- hopefully; it will be able to stand tall in the reigns of our hopes and desires.