Apple Watch to be available at Apple Retail Stores in a Week’s...

Apple Watch to be available at Apple Retail Stores in a Week’s Time


The day has arrived, and the wait is finally over! Soon this week, Apple will start selling the much-awaited Apple Watch that will be available through the extensive network of Apple retail stores. June 17 is the day when Apple will initiate the ‘reserve and pick up’ system for Watches in countries like Australia and the U.K. Hopefully, Apple will keep the U.S on the list as well.

The process of buying the Apple Watch is not as direct as shopping for a regular watch. You need to check for availability; make sure that you have selected the preferred case and band online before visiting the Apple retail stores. Earlier this month, Apple decided to start with the sale of Watches in seven different countries. The list of the countries included Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and Taiwan. But as per the latest updates, it seems that these countries have to wait for as long as June 26th. Needless to say, it is certain that once the Apple Watch will hit the market, there will be a definite amount of shortage in demand. Until now, Apple has maintained the process of ‘first order then delivery’ in the Watches- however, in some cases, the Apple Watch is also available in stock.


The online orders for the Apple Watch started on April 24th. As per the reports, the retail stores have already received some of the models of the Watch, and within few hours, the sale of these models will official commence. Apple has decided to provide Watches to the retail stores in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the U.K and the U.S before June 18th.

Interesting Facts about Apple Watch

Apple Watch Availability Precisely in three top models-

  • Apple Watch Sport
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Edition.
Pricing Details
  • Apple Watch will range in between $549 and $1048 for the models with 1.4 Inch screen.
  • The price range for 1.7 inch version of the Apple Watch will fall in between $599 and $1099. For the U.K, the standard version will start at 479 pounds.
  • Apple Watch Sports will fall in the range of $349 and $399. The sports section is made of 7000 Series Silver Aluminum. For the U.K, the sports collection will start at 299 pounds.
  • The premium edition for Apple Watch starts at $10,000. The fantastic Watch comes with 18-Karat Rose Gold and Yellow Gold plating. For the U.K, the premium model will cost 8,000 pounds.
As per the Sales estimation given by BMO Capital Markets By the end of 2016, the sale for Apple Watch will sum 39 million units. The previous estimation indicated a sale of 55.5 million units. The data was collected on the basis of analysis made on the buying behavior of 735 respondents.
Basic requirements for using an Apple Watch Well it needs an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus with the running operating system iOS 8.2.
  • Either with a screen dimensions of 1.4 inch or 1.7 inch, all Apple Watches give the choice in selecting preferable colors.
  • Comes in stainless steel, powered with sapphire crystal Retina display and backed with the ceramic look.
  • The sports version of Apple Watch is made of 7000 Series Silver Aluminum, Ion-X Glass, Retina display and composite back.
  • The Sapphire display comes with a laminated Retina Display that is prepared with a single crystal. The sports version gets protective with Ion-X glass.
  • The Watch comes with an inbuilt ‘Taptic Engine’ that is responsive to subtle and pleasant vibrations. It helps a user to feel notifications in the wrist. The vibrator is made of linear actuator and motor.
  • Apple Watch doesn’t come with a keyboard. The idea of sending messages is through dictation or emoji.
  • The backside of Apple Watch pairs a sensor that uses infra cum visible light to detect the pulse rate of the user. The sensor is used with the accelerometer, the Wi-Fi, and the GPS system. Besides, it has to be paired with an iPhone.
  • Inductive charging is done with the help of Apple’s very own MagSafe Technology.
  • Apple Watch comes with an average battery life of about 18 hours.
Operating System Compatible with iOS Software- with phones and tablets. Insight

The coming Friday would be quite fascinating and big for Apple- as the tech giant has already decided to launch the Watch in seven more countries. But for now, the plan of initiating the limited ‘in-store sales’ of the Watches in some of the Apple Retail Stores in going well for the tech giant. Quality has never been an issue with Apple- right now; the biggest concern is with quantity. Will Apple be able to fulfill the demand of supply in the market? Most of the retail stores are still waiting to receive the inventory, and this is becoming the potent reason for the delay in sales. Besides, some of the stores have already received the inventory and thus, the sales will start as early as this week.

It is reported that the Apple Watch Shipment has already arrived in the U.S- hopefully; the sales will also start as soon as possible. In some parts of the country, Apple Watch is offering the option of in-store reservation. For instance, while a user will make a selection of the Apple Watch in the Australian online Apple Store, an option saying ‘Interested in Buying in-store?’ will automatically display. With the help of this link, a user can cross check the availability of the watch. The link also shows a gist of nearby Apple retail stores that are updated with the stock of watches. The process of identifying an ‘in-stock’ site is simple. A site with a green checkmark will suggest availability. In case you want to qualify the registration process, you need a valid phone number that could allow Apple to send the unique registration code to you.