Big Surprises at Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Big Surprises at Sony’s E3 Press Conference


The ‘Zero Day’ at Sony’s E3 Press Conference started off quite well! Rising amidst the budding expectations, Sony announced a couple of news that created a roar in the market. From the nearby future of A La Carte service that will be coupled with its PlayStation Vue streaming channels to the re-release of the ‘The last Guardian’, every announcement was phenomenal in its own way. Let’s have a look at the fine gist of revelations!


Sony Pioneers its PlayStation Vue with ‘A La Carte’ TV Service

Though with lesser details, yet Sony came out with the announcement of unbundling its Vue streaming channels and presenting it with the a la carte stations. With this development, the subscribers will be now able to select the stations that they want to catch in their lineup list. It is notable that the selection will be limited to a particular number for a definite period of time. The declaration marked the onset of Sony as the first service provider to offer something of this sort. If not all, at least there will be some television stations in America that the consumers would be able to use without bundles. Now this is quite an innovation!

Addressing the conference, Andrew House, the president and Global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment described Playstation Vue in his own terms. ‘It is more than a mere streaming service, and rather an absolute Live TV experience’ added Andrew. As per the CEO, the system was particularly designed for gamers and the idea was to make it easier and simpler for the user.

Sony has initial decided to launch the service for a limited number of channels. The lists of the channel that will be available for the next month launch of the service are Machinima, Showtime, Fox Soccer Channel, and so on. Hopefully, the a la carte service will also add the infamous CBS, Fox and Comedy Central in the list.

Sony’s E3 Press Conference and other crucial announcements

Quite often, Sony wins the game of surprises- maybe it is the part of their strategy to lure the audience with the series of outstanding revelations. Sony’s E3 press conference was a sheer example of a handful of big surprises that came one after another. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting factors in the conference. In case you are a game lover, you can’t afford to miss this!

The last Guardian The six year long wait is finally over! Sony has planned to re-release the most favorite favorite game ‘The last Guardian’ in 2016. The game looks fantastic by now and has been properly refurbished to fit a predefined stake in the PlayStation 4.
For the same session in the year 2014 The number of usage hours increased to 37 hours and 28 minutes
Remaking Final Fantasy VII Revealing the double dose of excitement, the game will be first available on Playstation 4 and later on Vita.
Starting the Kickstarter Campaign Sony initiated the campaign for Shenmue III, giving the stage to Yu Suzuki.
Street Fighter V Nothing revolutionary about the title, yet the fighting game series will launch during March 2016, and an open pre-order beta version will pair exclusively with the Playstation 4 in July.
Heading towards the exclusive content department Sony has announced the budding partnership with Activision. In addition to this, Sony is also heading to buy the rights for Call of Duty map packs- something that has tied Microsoft for quite a long now.With this, Playstation owners will be the first one to play World of Final Fantasy, final fantasy VII remake, and Camp Santo’s Firewatch.
What about the Vita? Though it wasn’t completely absent from the montage presented by Sony, but the presence was minimal. It seems that Vita is finally planning to get some more games that are cross-platform. We are excited!
Hardware and the rigid price Alas, Sony took no rigid steps to lower the price of its hardware- even though there wasn’t any major update. They need to think from the user experience point of view.
Street Fighter V Nothing revolutionary about the title, yet the fighting game series will launch during March 2016, and an open pre-order beta version will pair exclusively with the Playstation 4 in July.

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Game after game and surprise after surprise- this is Sony for you! With E3 press conference, Sony presented the find degree of surprises that the audiences were waiting from long. It seems that the year is awesome for all Japanese game lovers. Not just the Last Guardian, but the Final Fantasy 7 (that is been remade) and the Shenmue series is ready to fall in their pool.

What Sony is missing!
There is no denying the fact- yes we missed Persona 5 and Until Dawn from the list of announcements. Also, it was a bit surprising that Sony ignored Gran Turismo 7 and the latest God of War from the declarations.
For a game like No Man’s Sky that is both inspiring and exciting at the same point in time, the E3 demo failed to provide reasonable answers. While the audience is still waiting for the official release date, it seems that Sony was underprepared with the game and is still working on it. The ‘coming soon’ tag provided no specific answers!

E3 Press Conference and the Future promises
Media Molecule (the name behind LittleBigPlanet) is up with the latest project named ‘Dreams’. A mesmerizing presentation of art and animation, Dreams uses Playstation controller for producing shareable results. Just like Dreams, Song E3 press conference has weaved many visions for a promising tomorrow and as game lovers, we have been waiting for this. On the other hand, the onset of first unbundled streaming station is an innovation in itself. We wish Sony could have shared some more news about Project Morpheus- the VR headset for Playstation. It is said that the release is planned for the next year, and Sony is eventually trying had to make it more social-friendly.