Anker to offer Fresh Range of USB-C Cables and Accessories for MacBook!

Anker to offer Fresh Range of USB-C Cables and Accessories for MacBook!


Be on the territory of your competitor, provide affordable solutions to their users and stand tall with innovation range of products every time – this is the little story of Anker, a company that provides premium-quality backup batteries and accessories for the buyers of MacBook.

Anker, the popular accessory maker, is back- and this time, it is back with an exciting range of USB-C cables, adapters, hubs, backup batteries and so on! Anker presented a fantastic line of accessories that covers USB-C (from USB 2.0 to 3.0), Lightening USB cables, and Micro USB cables. It also covered multi-port USB 3.0 hubs, display adapters, mobile chargers and docking stations.

The line of accessories presented by Anker is ‘interesting’ and ‘alluring’ for the users of 12-inch Apple MacBook and Google Chromebook Pixel. It is notable that Anker’s USB-C to Lightening cable will help MacBook users to connect their devices as in iPhones, iPads and iPods with the lightening ports directly to Apple’s USB Type C (simply for the purpose of charging and syncing).


Sensing the ‘Future’: Apple MacBook and Limitations of Single Port!

With the release of Apple MacBook 2015, the tech giant hooted the notes of the upcoming wireless future. Apple bravely spotted a single USB-C port that was supposed to handle the multiple needs of power charging, data transfer (as in input and output), display connections and other accessories plug-ins. Despite of the fact that the new MacBook was branded for updated hardware, Keyboard and Trackpad, the major disappointment that came in our way was related to the feature of ‘Single USB-C’ port. How can a single port furnish the needs of multiple attachments in the MacBook?

How Anker came up with the ‘Solution’!

The Range of Product Includes

PowerLine USB-C Series
  • It includes a series of mutli-purpose cables that can be used for charging, data display and many more.
  • USB-C to USB 2.0 starts with the $ 15.99 Price.
  • Other than USB-C to USB 2.0, the PowerLine includes USB-C to USB 3.0, USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightening, USB-C to Micro USB and USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter.
Other accessories
  • USB-C Hubs and adapters that could turn a single port for multiple uses.
  • PowerCore USB-C series that enables quick charging and provides portable chargers of premium quality for USB-C devices.
  • PowerPort USB-C Series for top speed USB charges required in USB-C devices.
Three features of USB-C
  • Anker presented ‘Reversible Connectors’ that makes the connectors error less and easy to insert. It is designed within a user-friendly concern- the motto says ‘right way every time’.
  • The USB-C is highly regarded for ‘quick’ charging- it is capable of carrying a tremendous 100 Watts of power that provides constructive speed to the device.
  • The USB-C features fast syncing accessories that speeds up the process with 20X faster. With this much speed, you can convert 10,000 songs in one second.
Date of announcement May 26, 2015.

Meanwhile, Apple is just offering three solutions for USB-C adapters. The first one includes a $19 USB-C to USB Adapter that forms the basic one. The second one comes within the range of $ 79 (that is a Digital AV Multiport Adapter). And lastly, the $29 USB-C Charge Cable that can be connected to the power adapter (worth $49 and comes with 29W power).

It is certain that Apple never came with anything as innovative as USB-C to Lightening cable. With the help of Anker, an Apple user will now be able to witness USB-C to Lightening cable. In fact with Anker, the complete line of USB Type C based power adapters with fit perfectly with the requirements of iPhones and iPads. Owing to the futuristic concerns of Apple, the dramatic shift from standard ports to the single one cannot happen effortlessly if services like Anker would be missing.

By now, Anker hasn’t shared a word about the price details of the accessories! The fresh range of accessories will be coming out soon- however, USB-C to USB 2.0 cable, 4-port USB 3.0 hub and 3-port USB 3.0 hub (that would come with Ethernet) are ready for the pre-orders. The shipments details are out and it will start only after June this year. The price for PowerLine USB-C to USB 2.0 cable will be $ 15.99!

anker6portcharger-5(1)(1) Insight

The Tussle with Apple

Apple believes in ‘innovation’ and ‘change’, and it was very well proved with the release of single USB-C port in MacBook 2015. The good news that came with this change was related to the versatility and multitasking of USB- C port. But the bad news was that Apple just presented a ‘Single’ port. Anker has indeed initiated a fair ‘deal of compensation’! Choose one among the range of USB-C ports available at affordable prices (than the in-house Apple USB-to-USB-C adapter that is priced at $19 and many other options) and get benefited. Is Anker openly challenging the aggressive Apple policies?

The ‘Competitive’ Market

More than challenging Apple’s policies, it seems that Anker is furnishing the demand of the market. Apple can be the trend setter, but users don’t appreciate overnight changes so easily. And, while the competition is already stiff, Anker is just serving the needs of the users in the market. We can see how Voltus is currently raising a campaign in Kickstarter- the idea behind this project is to power USB-C port (regardless of place), expanding it for the purpose of connecting it to other devices.
Other than this, Anker has not just joined the league of Apple! The competition was also acceptable from other ends like Belkin or Google that are leading accessory makers in the market.

Owing to the fact that the user is the ultimate ‘King’ of the market, we believe that Anker has created the correct path of an affordable tomorrow for all of us. Let’s wait for the release of other product line- hoping them to be as reasonable as the PowerLine USB-C to USB 2.0 cables.