Essential Android Apps of 2015 That Help You Become a Smart Entrepreneur

Essential Android Apps of 2015 That Help You Become a Smart Entrepreneur


Are you the owner of a startup company? If you are, you might be facing a tough time running your business. To make your day to day office operations easier, you can consider downloading some useful apps on your Android smartphone. Here is a list of some of the best Android apps for business purpose:-

MS Office for tablets

As an Android tablet user, you don’t have to wade through the usual MS Office mobile apps. Recently, Microsoft came up with a full featured version of Office for use in Android tablets. This app, which includes PowerPoint, Word and Excel, are similar to their desktop versions. They have been optimized for touch devices and come with large buttons that you can tap easily. You can also integrate them with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage platform. As a result, your documents will stay synced across all devices.

Google Drive

There are a number of good cloud storage options that Android smartphones come with. But Google Drive is the most efficient tool since it’s easy to access and download, and on some Android phones, it is pre-built. As in the case of other services like Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive, Google Drive also enables the user to store documents and files online. They have a backup and can be accessed from anywhere through an Android device as long as it is connected with internet. Another plus point of Google Drive is that it is integrated with QuickOffice. Once you sign your Google account details, you will get access to all documents that have been stored in a cloud. Moreover, every edit that you make in QuickOffice will be automatically backed up to Google Drive.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

For any small business owner, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is one of the most useful and secure ways to connect their PC with their Android tablet. It’s a hassle-free way to use Windows applications at once. For instance, you can make full use of the full desktop versions of Excel or Microsoft Word from your tablet or smartphone to view and edit documents from anywhere you want to.

Google Sheets and Docs

One of the most useful apps for Android smartphones still comes from Google. These apps include spreadsheet editor sheets, word processor docs and presentation slides. Apps from Google come with numerous features and come with streamlined, more appealing interface as compared to other office apps on the same platform.

These apps also insert offer more useful tools to insert tables, charts, images and other complicated elements into documents. They are also compatible with MS Office files. So, you can smoothly transition between your PC and mobile device. Moreover, you can edit them online, so there is no question of losing important documents.

QuickBooks for Android

QuickBooks provides helpful accounting tools using which you can manage your finances. Though the Android app isn’t fully featured, you can use it as a mobile companion app with effective tools using which you can keep a track of sales, review payments made recently and also send invoices. But you need a QuickBooks subscription though a free one-month trial is also available.


The OneNote from Microsoft has a number of advantages over other notepad apps. As a starter, you would like to use an easy to use interface. Evernote comes with more detailed features, but it isn’t as user-friendly as OneNote is. Moreover, OneNote automatically sync all notes into OneDrive. So, they are backed up, and you can access them through a cloud. You can use it on the Microsoft account that you are using. Therefore, you don’t need to create and maintain another account. It works best with a stylus-equipped device that enables the user to draw diagrams and make notes by hand. This app can also transcribe handwritten notes. So, you can easily search them later on.

Expense Manager

This is a personal finance app that comes with numerous tools for entrepreneurs. This app will help you to categorize, record and check all business related expenses with a user-friendly interface. You can also organize them into visual graphs to show where your money is going. So, Expense Manager will help you manage your bank accounts so that you can concentrate on business operations.

Square Register

No business is too small to accept credit cards. By downloading the Square Register app, you can easily sign up to receive a credit card reader dongle free in the mail. All that you will need to do is to plug the dongle into your headphone jack of your iPhone and then swipe a credit card to start processing payments at once. This app will enable you to enter all credit card details manually. But keep one thing in mind; in case your business doesn’t accept credit cards, then this app will be of little use to you.


In case you require an efficient video conferencing app to contact remotely with your clients and employees, then Skype would be the obvious option. The Skype app for Android will help you make video calls with the help of the front faced camera of your handset. Since it is a flexible platform, you can easily connect with users on any device. In case you are traveling, you can conduct a staff meeting through Skype.

Google Calendar

There are numerous calendar apps that you can use in Google Play store. But Google Calendar is still considered most useful for business purposes. What makes it different is its intuitive interface and full integration with another part of Google’s ecosystem. You won’t need any special reminders for upcoming meetings. Google Calendar will alert you automatically and send reminders to your account in Gmail. It also comes with an in built to do list and help you maintain your productivity.

Once you start using these applications on a regular basis, handling business operations will become much easier. So, for smooth business operations download the apps mentioned above in your Android tablet today.


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